This video shows how to replace and reassemble Sony Xperia Z5 LCD display.

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Remove SIM card tray.
  • Remove SIM card tray.

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Heat the back cover to soften the adhesive sticker.
  • Heat the back cover to soften the adhesive sticker.

  • Place the suction cup and insert metal opening tool to open a gap from top side.

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  • Insert the guitar pick and slide it to cut the adhesive sticker underneath.

  • Remove back cover.

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  • Release battery connector.

  • Pull off the adhesive tape underneath the battery.

  • Pry up battery.

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  • Release rear camera connector, front camera connector, audio jack connector and main flex connector on the motherboard.

  • Twist off screws there.

  • Remove that rubber securing bracket.

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  • Remove metal cover and twist off two screws.

  • Loosen the bottom side of main flex assembly.

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  • Loosen side button contactors ( Attention: the fingerprint sensor is here, be careful to loosen it), then remove the whole main flex assembly.

You can skip this step. Just fold over the bottom side from step 7 and you'll be fine. No need to take out the entire side part.

Dennis Meerveld - Reply

Thanks my friend!

Pedro -

  • Remove rear camera.

  • Remove that securing bracket, then remove front camera.

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  • Release LCD screen flex connector, charging port connector, microphone connector here.

  • Remove motherboard.

The model I was working on had a single screw on the MB (just above the blue cable at the top end of the phone). Make sure you don't try to remove the MB without taking this screw out first!

Clems - Reply

remove the Motherboard sounds good but is as not easy as picture

Elroy - Reply

  • Remove charging port flex.

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  • Remove microphone.

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  • Remove the metal bracket covering on the LCD screen flex.

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  • The sticker underneath is strong, so use heat gun to soften it for a few minutes.

  • Remove LCD screen carefully.

    • Take extra care when prying along the bottom edge of the display to avoid damaging the display cable.

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  • Done.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Awesome guide. Helped me alot. However i got blank screen after installing the new screen. Dont panic. You must replace the tape that covers the lcd filters. If you dont the metal plate will bridge the connections and the LCD will not display. I thought i broke the LCD however just replaced the tape off the original LCD and BOOM!

Kiwi phone repairs - Reply

What are the filters? I have a repair shop and all screens are like these. Can't find them anywhere.

Johnny -

Hi, you need to reuse the black tape sticked on the original flex cable to cover the filters on the replacement part.

Adrien Ould Madi -

I would like also to know which tape you replaced.

Patrick -

What r the lcd filters as I have replaced a screen on Sony z5 on 2 phones now and the backlight isn't working on both phones but u can see that the screens r working any help would be great thanks

Barry -

Thank for the tip !

Adrien Ould Madi - Reply

Need help. Replaced the screen module. Still having only red notification light blink, three times in succession. Perhaps faulty battery?

jbrown05666 - Reply

Have problem with coverage after replace screen . Signal is not stable. And is going to NO SERVIS what's can be wrong. What i should chcek.

Michal Blagowiecki - Reply

hi Michal. I would check the antenna cable running down the right hand side of the phone. i think its blue on this model. Check the cable is intact and that the connectors on the boards top and bottom are secure and intact too.

Bev -

Hi. Would it be possible to show my what the lcd filters look like. A great guide but my phone screen switches off after about 2 seconds

Mr C0ns1st3nt - Reply

This is a z5 premium screen repair and not a z5 screen repair.

James Bourne - Reply

Hola. Podrían decirme que hacer con mi Z5 que no hace caso a mi huella cuando lo manipulo, se ejecutan programas solos y se suele apagar sin la necesidad de hacerlo.

Eduar Ramirez Chanta - Reply

I just replaced the screen and the phones power up (back light on the screen) but no image. after a second will turn off the back light and blink red 4 times. I replaced lots of screens on sony Z phones, this is the first time that this happen. Any idea what 5 red blinks mean?


deftoner - Reply

theres a black fuse next to the lcd connector "V" written on it test it if theres no continuity then make a jumper, display will be back then...

h4p1n3ss44ll - Reply

guys my z5 had display but no backlight, I have bypassed the "V" and "A" both fuses still theres no backlight can anyone help?

h4p1n3ss44ll - Reply

hello friends please anyone send me the details of a good mobile repair shop in mumbai. i have a sony z5 premium and problem with mother board.

Offbeat Explorer Sanjeev - Reply

in step 6, removing the metal cover is not actually needed.

also, you should add the little piece of black tape part from the top comment.. did not fix it for me, but could have fixed it if i did not damage a connector trying to add that piece of tape.

pesoen - Reply

Does anybody know if the Z5 touchglass is compatible with the z5 premium touchglass. Cant seem to find a "touchglass only" for the z5 premium and every site i look at only sells the whole display assembly.

joel francisco - Reply

No. The Z5 has a 5.2” display whereas the Z5 Premium has a 5.5” display. Have you tried looking on eBay?

Daniel Lucas -

I successfully replaced the entire display assembly, microphone, battery and back cover on a Z5 using this guide. It took me just under an hour using a combination of the written guide and the embedded video (the video includes some helpful tips for reassembly). The Z5 in question was purchased in the UK and required a Phillips #0 screwdriver (not a Phillips #1) as mentioned in the tools section at the beginning of the guide. James mentions above that this is a repair guide for a Z5 Premium so perhaps that model uses a Phillips #1.

Daniel Lucas - Reply

Thanks for pointing that out Daniel, yes I have and so far i have only seen one seller on selling a Z5 premium touch glass. Not sure if i trust it. Im currently leaning towards replacing the whole LCD assembly but worried about the display quality with these 3rd party components. Has anyone noticed a difference between the original and replaced screens image quality?

joel francisco -

My sony z5 display is broken.if i change my display will anything affects to mobile on waterproof..

cheetha.arun - Reply

Just attempted this last night. Here are some tips for first-timers that I learnt the hardway.

1. There are two white adhesive strips on either side of the battery pack, 1 pair adhering to back glass and another pair to the frame. Take extra time to heat these as they ARE VERY STRONG. I ended up shattering the back glass into millions of tiny shards trying to pry them up.

2. These white adhesives are similar to the 3M pull-down tapes where you pull it at a slight angle to remove everything cleanly. DO NOT BREAK IT or you'll have a !&&* of a time scraping it off.

3. I'm not sure about the adhesive strips from this site but the ones I bought off Ebay are terrible. Get several sets to be safe, some forums mention using double layer of adhesive to make sure the screen assembly and back glass fit nicely.

4. The video makes it look much easier than it actually is...

My Battery pack was wrapped with a yellow plastic which I damaged when scrapping adhesive off it. Does anyone know what its for? Can I remove it?

joel francisco - Reply

Hi, if you got blank screen after replacing you can check 2 components on the E6653

Both fuses, one has a V on it and most likely its for the back light (not sure about it) but after jumping that fuse had my back light fixed with no image still. Then I've jumped the fuse with L on it and got my image back.

Took me months to do this... I advice to buy a cheap microscope paid $20 AUD to help you with the process.

Follow this video for clear understanding of the procedure.

frankscogna1991 - Reply

My Xperia z5 is fall dawn on floor. After this finger print scencer not work, and tnotice on display "finger print hardware is not available" what can i do for this problem

Satish - Reply

I am struggling with getting the screen of the cover, what could I do wrong? Someone has tips to specifical pay attention to something?

joep ooms - Reply

My screen is just black. Should i replace it ? I was just typing and then black screen. Its all working and i get notifications just nothing shows on the screen.

suli.szabolcs - Reply

Can i know after reassamble my screen not fit and have a gap.. can u give me any suggestion?

teh_syamim - Reply

This is a fairly easy repair to do. If you are skilled and have the right tools, you can do this in an hour easy. It took me an hour and I was eating food between steps :D

If you lose the LCD filters or tear them, kaption tape that is used on Apple devices will suffice. Also with replacement Xperia LCDs, if you use clamps to set the adhesive, make sure they're not too tight as you can permanently damage the screen. Good luck!

drunkenmenace - Reply

. after replacing a whole screen the notification light wont work? what will be problem on it? and how to repair that? thanks

shirly - Reply

Hi there,

These are all really helpful comments, but I was wondering if anyone can help me? I’ve replaced the lcd screen and the touchscreen and phone itself are working fine but there is no display still when I turn the phone on. The little bit of black tape is missing from dissassembly (I take it the black tape is that seen near the motherboard connectors at step 11?) Is there an electrical tape that I can get to replace this? Normal insulation tape hasn’t worked so far. Hopefully this is the problem, unless anyone has any further suggestions as to why the screen image alone may not be working?


Henry Cunningham - Reply

Great walkthrough. I successfully changed the LCD screen my brother’s in law Xperia Z5 following this guide. I had a rough removing the back panel has I didn’t have a heat gun but I finally succeeded. Doing the rest was pretty easy. Thanks a lot

Julien Pedron - Reply

I need Original (S+) Parts & Tools

For Sony Xperia Z5 Premium (B),

Can you supply them to Bahrain?

The Chad - Reply

Is this Guide, Tools and Parts for Z5 or Z5 Premium?

I need Parts for my Cracked Z5P so - I (can) Fix it!

The Chad - Reply

Hello guys, i made a quick repair video. This guide is really good but this might help too, it helped me

Eduard Prsitavu - Reply

What's the Heat Gun Temperature and Duration?

The Chad - Reply

Sir , is it possible to z5 dual touch screen will use to z5 premium ??

snowduri - Reply

Hi guys, just in the process of repairing my LCD on my Sony Z5 which has a 5.5 screen only problem is the connections on my LCD seem to be the same as z5 5.2 screen , has anyone come across this before. Does any have a link to the correct LCD/Glass.

Mark f - Reply

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