This video shows how to replace and reassemble Sony Xperia Z5 LCD display.

Video Overview

  1. Remove SIM card tray.
    • Remove SIM card tray.

  2. Heat the back cover to soften the adhesive sticker.
    • Heat the back cover to soften the adhesive sticker.

    • Place the suction cup and insert metal opening tool to open a gap from top side.

    • Insert the guitar pick and slide it to cut the adhesive sticker underneath.

    • Remove back cover.

    • Release battery connector.

    • Pull off the adhesive tape underneath the battery.

    • Pry up battery.

    • Release rear camera connector, front camera connector, audio jack connector and main flex connector on the motherboard.

    • Twist off screws there.

    • Remove that rubber securing bracket.

    • Remove metal cover and twist off two screws.

    • Loosen the bottom side of main flex assembly.

    • Loosen side button contactors ( Attention: the fingerprint sensor is here, be careful to loosen it), then remove the whole main flex assembly.

    • Remove rear camera.

    • Remove that securing bracket, then remove front camera.

    • Release LCD screen flex connector, charging port connector, microphone connector here.

    • Remove motherboard.

    • Remove charging port flex.

    • Remove microphone.

    • Remove the metal bracket covering on the LCD screen flex.

    • The sticker underneath is strong, so use heat gun to soften it for a few minutes.

    • Remove LCD screen carefully.

      • Take extra care when prying along the bottom edge of the display to avoid damaging the display cable.

    • Done.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Awesome guide. Helped me alot. However i got blank screen after installing the new screen. Dont panic. You must replace the tape that covers the lcd filters. If you dont the metal plate will bridge the connections and the LCD will not display. I thought i broke the LCD however just replaced the tape off the original LCD and BOOM!

Kiwi phone repairs - Reply

What are the filters? I have a repair shop and all screens are like these. Can't find them anywhere.

Johnny -

Hi, you need to reuse the black tape sticked on the original flex cable to cover the filters on the replacement part.

Adrien Ould Madi -

I would like also to know which tape you replaced.

Patrick -

What r the lcd filters as I have replaced a screen on Sony z5 on 2 phones now and the backlight isn't working on both phones but u can see that the screens r working any help would be great thanks

Barry -

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