Wanna disassemble and change Sony Xperia Z5 Compact LCD screen assembly by yourself, following this guide.

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  1. Power off and remove SIM card tray.
    • Power off and remove SIM card tray.

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  2. Heat up the back cover to soften the adhesive.
    • Heat up the back cover to soften the adhesive.

    • Place the suction cup to open a gap from top side, then insert guitar picks and slide it to cut the adhesive underneath.

    • Remove back cover.

    If the adhesive strips are being heated to remove the back, does this mean the waterproof feature will no longer work?

    Andy Morley - Reply

    • Twist off 10 Phillips screws all.

    • Loosen NFC clip and flashlight clip.

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    • Remove the plastic bracket.

    • Pry up and remove back frame.

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    • Remove front camera.

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    • Remove rear camera.

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    • Remove loudspeaker.

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    • Release charging port connector.

    • Remove plastic protective bar.

    • Pry up motherboard assembly from this side. There are three flex connectors connecting the motherboard underneath. So pry up the motherboard assembly gently.

    I believe bottom microphone should also be disconnected from chassis at this point (before prying up the motherboard)

    BX81 - Reply

    • Push audio jack out of the slot, no adhesive underneath.

    • Release LCD flex connector and main flex connector.

    • Separate motherboard assembly from middle housing.

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    • The sticker underneath LCD assembly is a little bit strong, so use heat gun to soften it for a few minutes.

    • Remove LCD with digitizer assembly carefully.

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    • Done.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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But what kind of glue do we need to use when we reconnect the screen and the case?

Ronen Yudzinsky - Reply

screen replacement is possible without removing the back cover and logic board, similar to the Z1 compact. Simply remove the metal cover once you took the screen off to disconnect the lcd/digi cable.

Toby Liedke - Reply

Yeah, I'm confused as to why everything from the back needs to be taken out, when you have to heat up the front sticker anyways and disconnect it. Seems fairly simple to just heat up, cut side adhesive, lift, unplug.

Brian Santero -

Have you done the repair that way, Toby Liedke?

jesinisterra - Reply

nice guide, for my first reparation, all was fine. Thanks!

bvo - Reply

I tried to repair it from the front, the problem with that is you would have to do some damage to the metal that lies between the LCD screen assembly and the motherboard assembly. The actual connection for the cables lies behind it, hence the approach from the back cover which leads to taking the whole thing apart anyway. This was my first time, I did it 'cause I really like the phone and I really don't feel any need of getting another one yet.

Zheng Serra - Reply

If you break your touchscreen digitizer, DO NOT buy the separate digitizer thinking it's cheaper. I made this mistake only to find that the LCD is glued permanently to the digitizer and it's impossible to separate them even after heating. Broke the LCD. Definitely buy the entire LCD+digitizer assembly.

Hwa Shi-Hsia - Reply

I'm still having trouble - I bought an LCD+digitizer and have put the new one in. The touchscreen still doesn't respond. I've checked all the connections and all seem secure, including the small square one on the back of the LCD in step 9, figure 3 that's not mentioned. Any idea which is the actual connection of the digitizer? Thanks.

Hwa Shi-Hsia - Reply

Never mind, just needed a reboot. Whew!

Hwa Shi-Hsia -


Did you buy the LCD+digitizer from here?

It was a new product?

It works fine?

I would like tu buy it but i´m not so sure... tell me yor experience.


(sorry for my English. I´m from Mexico.)

Hugo Rasek (SoyRasek) -

Hi guys,

I just finished to replace the dislplay following perfectly the guide, everything looks good but I found a problem that I do not understand. During a call the screen becomes black and even pushing all buttons it doesn't work, only when the call is ended it turns to normal. Anyone can explane me why? And how I can fix it? Reboot the phone?

Tnx guys

Willy Di Bella - Reply

You should check proximity sensor, when you place call it should detect that you've placed phone close to ear and shut off screen to prevent you accidentaly pressing something on screen while you talking. By way you describing it, it looks like proximity sensor is triggered all the time, it can be because of bad quality replacement LCD, something that left between proximity sensor and glass. You should check that, also there is some software solution that can help:

Srpko Vukovic -

Thanks Srpko,

I will try to get in the Agent Menu and Test the Proximity Sensor, in anycase could be the LCD which is not of high quality because of the Owner request of a chipper solution but it looked strange in anycase seen that during mz first check it worked correctly during a receiving call.

I will let you know if I solved the problem with this procedure .

Tnx Again for your answer

Willy Di Bella -

What should I use to heat up the front and back cover? Can I use a hair dryer?

Karmonhcm Lin - Reply

Youtube video linked shows removal of earpiece speaker, which is totally unnecessary for this procedure. Wound up breaking the speaker while trying to remove it.

Patrick - Reply

I bought the display adhesive strips from iFixit but I cannot get the display assembly to adhere to them. How do I do this?

Patrick - Reply

i buy a new display touch screen. i replaced it and now the phone doesn’t turn on. (tilt) even if i connect the old display nothing happend.

only if the display connector is diconnected the phone turns on.

somebosy knows why?

meanwhile i buy the same phone again and the same happaning again.

so i have 2 xperiaz5 that turns on only with the disconnectet xonnectro of tghe display =(

mn_nt - Reply

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