How to disassemble / take apart Sony Xperia M2 and change the Touchscreen / Glass / Digitizer and/or the LCD Display.

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  1. Warm the Back Cover. You can use a hairdryer.
    • Warm the Back Cover. You can use a hairdryer.

    • Be careful, the Cover is plastic.

    • Use a small suction cup and plastic tools for separating the Rear panel.

    • Before installing the new cover, you must clean the phone from the old adhesive tape and install a new one if your spare part has come without double sided adhesive tape.

    One battery

    One camra lance back

    Prince Kushwah - Reply

  2. Disconnect the Battery Cable.
    • Disconnect the Battery Cable.

    • The battery is stuck to the phone fame. Use the white tape to remove it.

    • Li-Polymer Battery, 2230 mAh

    • Part number: LIS1551ERPC

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    если первая разборка, отклеивается очень сложно и я бы советовал нагреть модуль до 70-76, на сепараторе. тогда аккумулятор отклеится легче. =)

    Владимир Гусев - Reply

    • Remove the SIM and the memory cards.

    • Remove x4 T5 Torx Corner screws & x2 T5 Torx Screws on the Board

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    • Disconnect one by one:

      • Touchscreen flex cable

      • Proximity sensor flex cable

      • Power on, Volume buttons cable

      • SIM & Micro SD flex cable

      • Coaxial antenna cable

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    • Disconnect the LCD Display flex cable. The connector is on the other side of the board, under the Power/Volume buttons flex cable connector.

    • Put one plastic spudger between the Logic board and the Main frame.

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    • Step one: move aside less the left side of the board - down.

    • Step two: the left side of the Logic board must go out of the main frame.

    • For this manipulation use only plastic tools.

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    • Use a scotch tape for the broken glass.

    • Unstuck the LCD Display flex cable from the Main frame.

    • Now preheat the glass before removing. This will soften the adhesive and will make separating more easy.

    • You can use a hairdryer.

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    • With a cutter, make a room for a plastic tool, then continue with separating the Touchscreen & LCD Display from the frame.

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    • This is the Display Assembly.

    • The LCD Display and the Touchscreen are not firmly bonded, while some other other models.

    i want order the part ...LCD screentouch

    clement mEnThChEl - Reply

    I replaced my lcd...but its not switching i connected to the charger light is coming up..but mobile not switched on(tried to switch on by holding volume down+ power button )

    Fix -

    I have the same problem, please help

    Milosz -

    I replaced my lcd...but its not switching i connected to the charger light is coming up..but mobile not switched on(tried to switch on by holding volume down+ power button )

    Please help!

    Fix - Reply

    • If your Touchscreen or LCD Display is OK, separate them carefully.

    • In our situation, both of them are broken.

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    • Clean the frame from the remains of tape.

    • Install the LCD Display and the flex cable on its correct place.

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    • We could not find adhesive sticker for this model, so We used universal adhesive tape 3M - 3 mm.

    • Don't forget to remove protectors from the LCD Display and from the inner side of the Touchscreen.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I successfuly repaired my Phone. The only Problem i had was that i proke the LCD as i was trying to Open the Phone. So take care when you open the phone an be very carefull!

Thank you Ifixit for this guide!

Fabian - Reply

Followed Guide & completed without any errors. Also Step 2 "remove x4 screws" There's also x2 Screws on the board that needs removing.

Also The touch screen isn't exactly glued to the screen so does come of pretty easy but be very careful when using spudger to remove the glass as you could easily prod the touch screen. Apart from that thanks for the Guide it went well.

WILSON3000 - Reply

Hi there. Thanks for the leaflet with the links that I got with my purchase. Things went really well, except for one thing. Not sure if you can help, but it would be great if you can.

Everything is connected and assembled, although not bonded yet. The problem I have is the touch screen buttons at the bottom of the screen (return/back, home, task navigation) are completely unresponsive. Is there anything you could advice to help please.

It might be worth knowing that with the phone in landscape (rather than portrait) the buttons seem to work, maybe suggesting that there is something at the bottom of the screen that's not quite right.

Thank you in advance of any response.

spooksfacebook - Reply

bro you change whole part touch digitizer + lcd ???

shehroz -

I changed the broken touchscreen today... with success, except that during the operation, I broke the LCD! (I did not read the comments first!!!) Indeed, the screen was broken in many parts and as I wanted to unpaste some of the rather small parts (1-2cm wide), they pressed on the screen and broke it. It is not visible when switched off, but I could check that some broken parts correspond to the shape of some shards of glass when I switched it on and realize that I broke it.

A comment that might be useful: when you assemble again the microphone part, extend maximally the door of the SIM and the microSD, otherwise you may have difficulties to place it back, and do not forget the connector of the proximity detector.

Good luck!

Nicohoho - Reply

Just completed this repair. A couple of notes: The time estimate of 25mins is very bad. Since this guide is for people who haven't done these things a lot, I would change that to 1-2, maybe even up to 3, hours, just because I personally used almost 1,5 hours and I've changed well over 100 different screens...


-You don't need to touch the bottom module, as opposed to some of the comments below. The lcd cable is under the motherboard, as shown in the guide. So just 4 screws, leave the bottom alone.

-Battery removal will be difficult without heating the battery a little bit before removal.

-The instructions on removing the motherboard were vague imo.. Personally, I inserted a plastic tool under the motherboard (shown in guide), slid the motherboard towards the bottom, then to the left, then bottom again.. until left side of the board lifted up. (Ok, Also vague, its hard to explain.. ) Just do this carefully, and DO NOT let your spudger slip while prying or some of the SMD on the board might get damaged.

Antti Immonen - Reply

Another thing I though of:

The screen removal looked crude to me. If you do it like this, you should be VERY careful, or your lcd can break very easily.And imo, dont use a plastic tool for separating them, use a sharp blade, just dont scratch the lcd with the tip of the knife.

However, as you probably know, there are 3 layers to the screen (not counting the layers of the lcd, lcd here counting as just one layer). The first layer is the glass, second is the digitizer film, and then finally the lcd. The glass and digitizer films are firmly bonded, but there is just a little bit of double-sided tape between the lcd and the digitizer film. Now, the way I removed the digitizer and the glass, is that I first dug out shards at the top of the screen, until I could get a cutting wire between the digitizer film and the lcd. Then just warm up the screen and cutting wire separates the glass+dig, like going through butter. And you don't even have to unplug the lcd for this.

Hope someone finds this helpful and good luck.

Antti Immonen - Reply

I have replaced my screen and put back together but now I have no sound apart from when I plug in my earphones can you help please my number is 07776066074 thanks John

John Ellwood - Reply

I have replaced my screen put back together again but now have no sound apart from when I inserted my earphones please help

John Ellwood - Reply

I replaced my LCD and touchscreen. Now LCD and touchscreen are upside town - they are working, but i have to find right place to touch as from mirror - everything is turned 180 degrees. How to fix it? Can you help me please? Is the phone gyro fault or something else?


Tiina Kruuse - Reply

M2 and M2 aqua use the same display and touch screen?

iulianbendic - Reply

Same problem here, had to tape over the touch screen to keep it in one piece. I did wonder if its worth ordering a replacement LCD as there is some minor damage, a little tip I used is repairing surface scratches using a UV "security" marker. Worked on my 3 year old-damaged-$$$$-LCD-TV and have used it on lightly damaged laptop screens as well.


No sound = probably a broken speaker cable. Also check there isn't a bent pin on the earphone connector as this can be the cause here.

Essentially the phone thinks the headphones are plugged in all the time.

Andre - Reply

Also a useful tip, the old HP printer sensor strips make great LCD separators. Because they are plastic you get about 1-2 uses out of them but it does work at least on some LCD/OLED phones.

Maybe worth getting some molybdenum wire if you are doing a lot of these, it lasts ages.

Stainless steel 44 gauge wire isn't strong enough in my experience.

Andre - Reply

It's easy and very convenient

williamoduol - Reply

Can i use this technique in Xperia m2 dual??

deep mondal - Reply

Does M2 and M2 aqua use the same display ?Are they compatible?

ovidiu - Reply

Hi there,

Where could I buy a new screen ? Could you give an a supplyer’s e-mail adress ? Thanks Richard

r.ralambotsirofo - Reply

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