On this guide, the aim is to teach how to disassemble the Sony SRS-X3 bluetooth speaker in order to replace the speakers in the unit. This teardown is fairly simple, and only requires two tools. This speaker replacement is being completed because of a humming sound coming from the unit when music is being played.


No parts required.

Remove rubber feet on the bottom of the device
  • Remove rubber feet on the bottom of the device

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Remove 6 silver philips head screws with PH1 bit
  • Remove 6 silver philips head screws with PH1 bit

  • Remove bottom plastic cover of speaker

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  • Remove 2 phillips head screws holding battery pack with PH1 bit

  • Remove battery back with spudger

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  • Unscrew 3 phillips head screws using PH1 bit

  • Remove green board. Battery pack and green circuit board should still be connected to the speaker by a ribbon wire. This is normal.

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  • Pop off front speaker face (dark grey with little holes) by pushing out 3 tabs where screws were previously located and sticking spudger in crack where grey speaker face meets the outer shell

  • You may really have to pry on this part, it is not easy to remove and will pop out when released

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  • Remove 8 black phillips head screws shown with PH1 bit

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  • Remove front face by prying 2 black tabs shown using spudger

  • This face is glued in and may need some elbow grease to remove. Don't worry about breaking anything, as it is all connected

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  • Remove speaker wires from each speaker (2 wires per speaker) and take speakers out of device

  • Speaker wire connectors are made to connect very snug, so they should be hard to remove. Give it a good tug and they should pop off the male end

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  • You can now replace your speakers and reassemble this unit. If replacing the mother board continue with steps 10-14 in the mother board repair guide.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Where would I get the new speakers from tho? Thanks a lot

Ruben Götz - Reply

Where I can buy one speaker as a spare part?

Karim Karimov - Reply

I would also like to know where I can get a replacement speaker

Aaron Todd - Reply

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