This article is devoted to replacement of e-Ink screen. The main difficulty is to remove old double-sided tape by which screen holds on main body.

ED060XC5(LF)C1 screen have been used as a new part.

  1. Detach the back cover from the e-reader
    • Detach the back cover from the e-reader

    • Remove the black sticker, uncovering three additional screws. The sticker comes loose quite easy.

    • Unscrew all 10 screws (length 3.2mm).

    • Now take a spudger, and start opening the case at the top. There are four retaining clips at each side.

  2. Under the cover you'll find many interesting things.
    • Under the cover you'll find many interesting things.

    • Unscrew these 5 screws (length 4.3mm) . They hold the front bezel (white or black part of the main body).

    • There are other screws that hold the motherboard (10×, 1.8mm) to the grey back plate. You do not need to remove them, unless you want to remove the electronics board (for example to prevent damage when cleaning the back plate in a later step).

    • Carefully unplug buses. For the screen bus. Simple pull it from connector. For the hard keys bus . First, open the connector by hook it from below. Then it'll be easy to unplug the bus.

    • Carefully unglue the Wifi antenna.

    • Now we need to remove a white cover. It helds by clips around the body. Please, pay attention to hooks in red ellipses on the photo. On the second photo you may see detached white cover.

    • Unscrew screws marked by red cicles.

    • Carefully unplug a bus

    • Be careful, do not lose this tiny thing!

    • Remove black frame. It's attached to the screen by double sided tape

    • Use any suitable knife to detach broken screen from metal plate. Please, be very careful. Do not hurt yourself!

    • After you did this. You need to clean metal plate from the remnants of glue and double sided tape.

    • Take a new screen. Apply double sided tape on back side.

    • Remove protective film from the screen

    • Put the screen into the black frame. Upper side of the screen should touch upper side of the frame.

    • Carefully join the screen in a black frame with the metal plate.

    • Continue assembling in a reverse order


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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This an incredibly useful guide. I have the new screen, but I have asked and have not gotten an answer about what double-sided tape is used to attach the new screen to the body. Could someone supply this information pleasae.

kgarnjost - Reply

You may use any double-sided tape you'll find in a shop. I used a 0.5 mm tape or thinner. I found it in a Stationary shop.

mrdkonst -

Is the ED060XC5(LF)C1 screen, the same quality and matte as the original one? I don't trust asian sellers so much, but the only one that I found on internet is this one.

Ale - Reply

In my case it has the same quality. I bought it on Aliexpress also.

mrdkonst -

After installing replacement screen the touch functionallity does not work, screen itself seems to work but you cannot make any touch selections, does anyone has an idea?

hansbergman767 - Reply

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