This article is devoted to replacement of e-Ink screen. The main difficulty is to remove old double-sided tape by which screen holds on main body.

ED060XC5(LF)C1 screen have been used as a new part.

Detach the back cover from the e-reader
  • Detach the back cover from the e-reader

  • Remove the black sticker, uncovering three additional screws. The sticker comes loose quite easy.

  • Unscrew all 10 screws (length 3.2mm).

  • Now take a spudger, and start opening the case at the top. There are four retaining clips at each side.

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Under the cover you'll find many interesting things.
  • Under the cover you'll find many interesting things.

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  • Unscrew these 5 screws (length 4.3mm) . They hold the front bezel (white or black part of the main body).

  • There are other screws that hold the motherboard (10×, 1.8mm) to the grey back plate. You do not need to remove them, unless you want to remove the electronics board (for example to prevent damage when cleaning the back plate in a later step).

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  • Carefully unplug buses. For the screen bus. Simple pull it from connector. For the hard keys bus . First, open the connector by hook it from below. Then it'll be easy to unplug the bus.

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  • Carefully unglue the Wifi antenna.

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  • Now we need to remove a white cover. It helds by clips around the body. Please, pay attention to hooks in red ellipses on the photo. On the second photo you may see detached white cover.

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  • Unscrew screws marked by red cicles.

  • Carefully unplug a bus

  • Be careful, do not lose this tiny thing!

  • Remove black frame. It's attached to the screen by double sided tape

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  • Use any suitable knife to detach broken screen from metal plate. Please, be very careful. Do not hurt yourself!

  • After you did this. You need to clean metal plate from the remnants of glue and double sided tape.

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  • Take a new screen. Apply double sided tape on back side.

  • Remove protective film from the screen

  • Put the screen into the black frame. Upper side of the screen should touch upper side of the frame.

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  • Carefully join the screen in a black frame with the metal plate.

  • Continue assembling in a reverse order

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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This an incredibly useful guide. I have the new screen, but I have asked and have not gotten an answer about what double-sided tape is used to attach the new screen to the body. Could someone supply this information pleasae.

kgarnjost - Reply

You may use any double-sided tape you'll find in a shop. I used a 0.5 mm tape or thinner. I found it in a Stationary shop.

mrdkonst -

Is the ED060XC5(LF)C1 screen, the same quality and matte as the original one? I don't trust asian sellers so much, but the only one that I found on internet is this one.

Ale - Reply

In my case it has the same quality. I bought it on Aliexpress also.

mrdkonst -

After installing replacement screen the touch functionallity does not work, screen itself seems to work but you cannot make any touch selections, does anyone has an idea?

hansbergman767 - Reply

датчики сенсора находятся на материнской плате устройства по периметру. если они не становятся на свое место относительно экрана, сенсор не работает.

Yury -

Thank you so much!! I fix my beloved reader thanks to your guide!!

Joceline Stephani - Reply

Hello! Did you replace display + touchscreen or only display? Does touchscreen works after all operations?

Sergey Bogomolov - Reply

Hi! Here we have only a display for replace. Touch screen had been organised on some kind of infrared backlight. You can see IR diods and sensors around metal plate. So, I think, it something wrong with bus connection. Check if you made reassemble in correct way.

mrdkonst -

After replacing the screen everything seems to be working. However, after a few page flipping it became to be "junk". It seems to have the additional service nastnoyki help to cope with it. Maybe someone heard about it?

Yury - Reply

Thank you for your tutorial. After replacing the screen, the screen looks like it's working, but the buttons don't work and touch screen doesn't work. Could you please tell me what do do next? What can I try? Both the screen bus and the hard keys bus are in place, as indicated on the pictures. Thank you!

Alice - Reply


Unfortunately, I don't know what to suggest to you. Please double check bus connections.

mrdkonst -

Thanks for this useful tutorial. After the change of my screen I've just lost temporarily the touch fonctionallity. All is ok after a reset and waiting time. Time for electrical power to activate all the components of the new screen ?

For the step 8, it's easier t detach old screen after heating (not too mutch) the screen with an hair dryer. Finaly, I remove the old glue traces with aceton.

Archambeau - Reply

I've allmost fixed my t3s, but one trace of the hard keys and charging flex cable got broken.

Any suggestions on what cable to buy to replace it?

koffieleut - Reply

Removing the fragile plactic frames is tricky. Removing the screen from the metal back was a pain. Glass part came of in thousand pieces. No injuries though fortunately. Reassembling was a breeze. Yes it works again. A real victory on my part! Thanks for the great tutorial!

Jaap - Reply

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