This is a comprehensive guide on how to fix and replace the LCD screen for Sony HDR-AS30V.

  1. Power off the device. Remove the component jack cover.
    • Power off the device. Remove the component jack cover.

    • Open component door.

    • Using the Phillips 00 screwdriver, remove the two screws holding the jack cover in place.

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  2. Open the battery door.
    • Open the battery door.

    • Slide the battery cap along the length of the camera, then flip the cap outward. Use caution; there may be internal damage affecting the functionality of the sliding mechanism.

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    • Prepare to remove outer casing.

    • Using the 2.5 mm precision slotted screwdriver, insert the tip of the screwdriver under the holder to wedge. Use caution when preparing to wedge apart fragile components.

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    • Separate Casing from Device.

    • With the screwdriver wedged, apply slight force while pulling the casing away from the device. Use caution to avoid causing damage to fragile parts.

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    • With the outer casing pulled away from the device, take note of the orientation of the inner component to avoid an electrical short.

    • Once the orientation of the inner component is noted, slide the inner component out of the casing. You may now replace the broken casing with a new one.

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    • Remove two screws with the PH000 screwdriver.

    • Pop off plastic holder.

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    • With the flathead screwdriver, wedge under area shown and pop upwards.

    • Be sure to move the flex cable out of the way while flipping the plastic inner casing upward.

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    • Gently push speaker out of slot

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    • Flip open screen and make sure no cables are in the way.

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    • With the flathead, lift up cable lock and pull the film out from underneath the lock.

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    • Gently pull out screen.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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