No parts required.

  1. Power on the device, eject the disk tray, and power off the device.
    • Power on the device, eject the disk tray, and power off the device.

    • Turn the device over.

    • Lightly apply downward pressure on the black covering on the disk tray until it snaps off.

    • Caution, applying too much pressure can break the black covering.

  2. Turn the device around.
    • Turn the device around.

    • Using a Phillips screw driver, remove the screws on both ends of the device circled red in the image.

    • Slide the side covers on either side towards the back of the device.

    • There is a back cover on either side of the device.

    • This step might require someone to help unclasping the plastic clips.

    • Turn the device so that the bottom is facing up.

    • In the bottom, unclip the three plastic clips circled in red.

    • On either side, unclip the plastic clip circled in red

    • Slide the black covering forwards to remove.

    • All five clips have to be unclasped for the covering to be removed.

    • Careful not to break the plastic clips when putting it back on.

    • Now, spot the large ribbon cable that connects between the motherboard and the port board.

    • Remove the cable by pulling upwards.

    • Be careful when pulling upwards on the ribbon cable. Too much force can cause it to rip.

    • Use your Phillips screwdriver to take out the silver screw holding in the port board.

    • Now use the tweezers to unclip the portboard on the side.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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