My camera was auto focusing only after power-up, all menu buttons were not active (there was a workaround of switching camera mode e.g. A->P to enter the main menu). Taking photos was still possible.

That were results of stucked first action circuit of the shutter button: camera was constantly detecting slight press of the button leading to that strange behaviour.

Hopefully I found the microswitch replacement at mouser. Costs only ~2Euro and is fully compatible or even same as used in factory.

Ifixit helped me with disassembly, now I'm paying off describing this guide.


  1. Remove the seven highlighted screws shown here.
    • Remove the seven highlighted screws shown here.

    • Screws are teeny tiny, don't lose them!

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  2. Remove this final screw from the memory card compartment.
    • Remove this final screw from the memory card compartment.

    • Remove the chassis by pulling the back cover away from the camera.

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    • Gently but forcefully lift up on the parallel cable connecting the two halves of the camera.

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    • After removing the backing from the camera. Remove the two final screws in the memory compartment area.

    • Detach the facing for the memory dock.

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    • Remove the eight screws securing the mount for the flash device.

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    • Remove the three remaining screws holding in the protective metal casing.

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    Spread Fixmas Cheer
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    • Remove the metal casing.

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    • Remove three screws holding down the motherboard .

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    • Detach the nine serial cables connecting it to the camera body.

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    • Finally remove the motherboard from the casing.

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    • shutter button placement...

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    • Remove two screws holding plastic/metal frame.

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    • Holding the battery door gently lift the frame up .

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    • Pull out the capacitor and move the capacitor board (flexible) to the left to clear the way for future steps.

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    • Remove two screws mounting plastic buttons module.

    • Remove the module.

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    • Replace the ALPS SKSDPCE010 microswitch. Look out for the correct allignment and orientation (first pin marked with a dot).

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Excellent article, I would like to know what should be done to replace or repair the mode selector of the camera, (Dial mode) I appreciate this great contribution. Greetings.

Edgar Delgado - Reply

Mode selector switch is visible on 2 photos of buttons module PCB. Look for a switch with blue knob on 2nd Photo of step 16. I dont know the serial number or replacement.

Andrzej Majchrzak - Reply

Thank you so much for reply.

Edgar Delgado -

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