Sometimes when you operate your SodaStream, the drink does not come out fizzy enough, or you can hear gas escaping on the inside. This may be an issue with the internal air hose. This is a small piece that is part of the inner machine setup. The hose is what helps the carbonation process, it connects the carbonation bottle with the nozzle on the main loader tab, and if it is damaged in any way you may not be able to use your device. In this guide, you will see how the hose can be disconnected and replaced if the need arises.

Remove the soda bottle and the CO2 canister from the machine.
  • Remove the soda bottle and the CO2 canister from the machine.

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  • Pull the outer cover away from the front of the device.

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  • Firmly pull the front cover off.

  • This piece is difficult to remove and requires force. It may help to use a wide, thin object to pry it off (like a Jimmy).

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  • Push the gold bar, located in the top of the device, out of the carbonating block.

  • You can use the end of your screwdriver to push this piece out.

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  • Slide the yellow battery cover up and away to remove it from the device.

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  • Unhook the bottom piece of the plastic arm on each side of the device.

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  • Lift the top of the plastic arm with the spudger and remove it on both sides.

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  • Remove the plastic piece, located near the front of the carbonating block, from both sides of the device using a plastic opening tool or nylon spudger.

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  • Remove the plastic oval and the spring within it.

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  • Pull the loader tab cover down and away from the rest of the carbonating block.

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  • Remove the three 17.9 mm screws located on the right side.

  • These screws may be difficult to access.

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  • Unhook the four clips on the top of the carbonating block and remove the plastic cover.

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  • Lift the clips located on both sides with the plastic spudger. Slide the front cover off.

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  • Unhook the silver spring arms on both sides of the device by pushing down.

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  • Grip the right and left sides of the device and pull it into two identical halves.

  • Once these two pieces are apart, all remaining internal components will fall out of the device.

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  • Pull the foam pad up and remove it from the front side of the carbonation component.

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  • Remove the six 17.7 mm screws from the underside of the loader tab piece.

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  • Pull the loader tab out of the nozzle.

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  • Use pliers to unscrew the gold cap piece from both ends of the tube

Where would you get this part?

Reginaldo Machado - Reply

  • Detach the hose from both sides of the carbonation system.

  • You will have to use force to detach this piece.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Thanks for the guide, but i currently have this issue where the hose needs to be replaced, but no way of sourcing a spare part? Any clues anyone?

Nathan Roberts - Reply

Did you ever find the part for your machine?

nagjoinslipknot -

Where would you get this part

magnolia_ca - Reply

Exactly the same problem on my Source, but I can't find spare parts anywhere.

Has anyone found where to get them from in Australia?

nagjoinslipknot - Reply

Onde comprar a peça para reposição no Brasil?

Reginaldo Machado - Reply

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