This guide will show you how to access and replace the circuit board in the phone's body, which contains both the screen and camera.


No parts required.

Gather all the materials required prior to the teardown.
  • Gather all the materials required prior to the teardown.

  • A Phillips PH000 screw head and screwdriver are the only required tools for this guide.

  • Make sure to use the correct screwdriver head in order to avoid damaging screw heads.

  • Avoid over tightening the screws to avoid damaging them.

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Remove the battery from the back of the device.
  • Remove the battery from the back of the device.

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  • Using the screwdriver, unscrew the six visible screw drivers on the back of the phone.

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  • Remove the silver side buttons and set them aside.

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  • Gently lift up the connector at the bottom left of the phone as shown in the picture.

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  • Flip the circuit board up to unveil an orange connector near bottom of it.

  • Gently unplug the connector by prying on the corner with a finger.

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  • Lift up the tan circuit board holder to separate it from the device.

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  • Peel off the black strip below the product sticker, unveiling two screws and unscrew them.

  • There are two more screws a little bit below them that need to be unscrewed as well.

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  • Make sure the phone is closed. If not slide it closed now.

  • Separate the blue plastic panel from the phone which should already be trying to come off.

  • Slide the connector gently through the rectangle gap in order to avoid damage.

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  • Remove the six visible screws from the outer edge of the device.

  • Separate the panel unveiling the circuits and camera.

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  • At the top right is the camera according to the image.

  • Gently lift up the tan flap away from the camera (where the orange connector goes to) which should disconnect the wire.

  • Pry up on the camera to dislodge it. (May take a bit of force)

  • Replace the faulty camera with a new one.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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