Is your laptop's screen cracked or non responsive? Try replacing it! This guide will show you how to remove the screen's plastic casing so that you can access the screen itself.

Lay laptop down so that the bottom is facing the sky.
  • Lay laptop down so that the bottom is facing the sky.

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Push both tabs away from the center of the device.
  • Push both tabs away from the center of the device.

  • While both are in the fully unlocked position, slide the battery out.

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  • Turn the laptop over and open it so that you can see the keyboard and screen.

  • Using a Phillips #000 screwdriver, remove the two 4 mm Phillips #8 screws that are under the black covers on the front of your screen.

    • You can remove the black covers by simply pushing your screwdriver into them.

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  • Insert the plastic opening tool into the seam on the top of the screen.

    • The seam is where the back screen cover and the plastic bezel around the edges of the screen meet.

  • Use the plastic opening tool to pop open the clasps that keep the casing on the screen.

    • It helps to use the plastic opening tool like a crowbar.

  • Follow this seam around the laptop's screen with the plastic opening tool until the plastic cover comes off.

    • Don't be afraid to use your fingers to help pop open the clips.

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  • Using a Phillips #000 screwdriver, remove the top two 4 mm Phillips #8 screws that join the LCD screen to the plastic casing.

  • Using the same screwdriver, remove the bottom four 4 mm Phillips #8 screws that mount the screen onto the base of the laptop.

    • As you remove these bottom 4 screws, support the screen! As the screws come off, the screen will begin to fall backwards.

Forgot to mention the brackets on the sides of the old screen. These are Phillips head screws. 3 on each side. 6 total. Same #000 screwdriver.

Unless your ordered LCD comes with these brackets which most do not, not transferring these will cost you time and the screen will not fit properly.

Eddie - Reply

  • Gently lay the LCD on the keyboard, and lay down the back panel of the screen as well. They are not attached and will separate easily.

    • The LCD and the back panel must remain close to one another due to the video connector at the bottom that links the two.

  • Remove the tape that secures the video connector to the LCD.

  • While maintaining a firm grip on the LCD, grasp the video connector at its base, and pull it away from you.

    • Don't be afraid to pull, the video connector is not soldered onto the LCD.

Great tutorial, many thanks. Only 1 thing to add: the brackets at both sides of the old screen (3 small screws each attaching them) need to be transferred to the new screen first. Regards

paaston - Reply

I did not read your comment because you chose to add it to the end of the tutorial, I said the exact same thing on the step where it would be relevant.

Another thing to note, would be that the 2 outermost screw holes are to remain empty when reassembling. Otherwise when you go to insert the final 2 screws in the bezel there will already be 2 underneath, requiring you to remove the bezel again to move them 2 screws.

Eddie -


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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