This is just a look into the Samsung gear S2.

  1. This is just a look into the Samsung gear S2.
    • This is just a look into the Samsung gear S2.

    • You will need a Y 00 screwdriver, a PH 0 screwdriver, a spudger, and some tweezers.

  2. Detach your bands from the body of the watch.
    • Detach your bands from the body of the watch.

    • Remove the four Y 00 screws.

    • Pry between the bottom and top portions of the watch with a spudger in the area marked. Be sure not to insert the spudger more than about 3 mm so as not to damage the internals of the watch.

    • Also, there is a seal inside the watch that goes along the perimeter inside the bottom of the casing. Be sure not to damage this, otherwise you lose water resistance.

    • Make sure that you do not insert the spudger in any other location than the one that is marked in green.

    • Unscrew the two PH 00 screws.

    • Gently pry up the three cables with a spudger that I have marked.

    • We will now be separating the main board from the watch.

    • You will be gently prying up on the main board in the area that the spudger is located in the second picture.

    • Be extremely careful while prying up on the main board. Be careful not to bend the board and make sure all cables that are loose are out of the way of possibly getting ripped.

    • Do not fully remove the main board, as the button cable is soldered to the main board. Carefully place the main board in the orientation shown.

    • Only pry in the spot marked in orange. be patient, as this prying will take some time.

    • Make sure that the cable marked in green can feed through its gap.

    • If the cable marked in green is not properly aligned, it can rip. Ripping any cables is not good.

    • Here is a look at the button assembly, battery assembly and the main board.

    • Finally, we are able to look at the rear of the amoled display.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Thank you for a picture of the internals. I'm thinking about "restoring" a Gear S2 classic.

Tom Bowden - Reply

Just updated, sorry about the delay. The guide is now finished.

Austin - Reply

Hi Austin, tks for making the guide, How to remove the rotating bezel?

Naga darshan - Reply

This is my own personal watch, so I did not try to remove the bezel. The only way I can think of is by prying up on the bezel from the top. Just be careful as I do not know how or if the bezel is connected to the watch.

Austin - Reply

Im also interested in the bezel, as i might be getting one with a broken ring and was wondering about fixing it.

Jon Borah - Reply

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