If you don't have the heating pad available, to either use a heat gun or a hair dryer with a high heat setting.

Starting from any corner of the tablet, carefully insert the plastic pry tool into the gap between the chrome frame and black back panel.
  • Starting from any corner of the tablet, carefully insert the plastic pry tool into the gap between the chrome frame and black back panel.

  • Now slide the pry tool around the tablet to release the plastic locking clips. With the screen facing up, pry the back plastic case down and slightly away from the device.

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Carefully separate the rear case from the front panel assembly .
  • Carefully separate the rear case from the front panel assembly .

  • At this point, you will be able to complete any component replacements necessary.

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  • To begin the replacement of the motherboard, identify the wire strip connections that must be removed.

  • These connections can be removed using tweezers.

  • These chip connections can be released using the plastic opening tool.

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  • Do not bend the wire strips at the tips as they may become permanently deformed.

  • Using the bent tweezers, carefully grasp wire strips and pull away from the connectors.

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  • For the chip connections, simply use the plastic opening tool to gently pry and separate the connection.

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  • Now you will need your phillips head screwdriver to remove the remaining 5 x 1.2 mm PH000 screws.

  • And don't forget "righty tighty, lefty loosey"

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  • The final step of removing the motherboard should be done with extreme care as to not damage the board itself.

  • Gently grab both ends of the motherboard and rotate it towards you. It should release easily from the case.

  • Now you've successfully removed the motherboard!

Use caution taking the board out as it does have some tabs that may hold it in place

Andrew - Reply

  • Use tweezers to lift the small black flap and disconnect the wire from the motherboard.

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  • You do not need to remove the motherboard in order to remove the battery as the photos may indicate.

  • Using a spudger, work the tool under the battery.

    • The battery connected to the case with adhesive. Therefore, you will have to apply a bit of pressure wit the metal spudger.

  • Once you have worked the tool under the battery on both sides as shown, it should lift right off of the case.

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  • Before you can remove the screen, you must first heat the surface evenly to loosen the adhesive.

  • You may have to reheat the heating pad once or twice to get enough heat onto the screen.

  • If using a heat gun, do not hold the heat in one spot for more than a few seconds. Instead, run the heat along the outer edge of the screen with a brushing motion.

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  • Using a spudger, carefully insert the fine metal tip in between the glass and the chrome edge of the tablet.

  • Now, slowly pry your way around the frame while slowly loosening the screen away from the frame.

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  • Once you've loosened the screen from the tablet, be sure to feed the chip connection through its designated slot as indicated by the second photo.

  • The screen may need a little more force to separate at the top end of the tablet.

  • Now the hardest part is done!

This was rather easy. I have been trying to find a place where install/repair guides are accurate and reliable. Thanks iFixIt. Thanks to you, "I FiXED it"!

fixitbrosmsus - Reply

Can you also include how to replace the LCD screen under the digitizer? Thanks.

B - Reply

do I have to remove the mother board to replace the digitizer?

crazychris79 - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Where is the microfuse located?

bbruns - Reply

Do you have to remove the battery to replace the screen?

Vic Rector - Reply

This is digitizer replacement guide - not screen replacement !!

K P - Reply

This worked perfectly for me. Thank you!

gjarmour - Reply

This worked perfectly for me. I just bought the assembly instead of going through the full deal (which if I had it would have saved me about 30 bucks overall). But was easy enough to do anyway. I still intend to get the digitizer/glass and finish so I have a spare for future breaks. (I have kids and they are hard on these tablets)

gjarmour - Reply

After successfully replacing the screen, and reassembling the unit according to the directions, I have a problem with the display image. The unit turns on, but the image does not come on unless I plug un the charger. The image displayed is of the charging batter segmented on 3 different parts of the screen, and lines similar to a schematic. I’ve disassemble the unit, checked the connections, all appear tight, reassembled and the issue is still present.

Any suggestions of what else to look for?

Jim Mason - Reply

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