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  • Start out by separating the screen from the back cover using the larger plastic opening tool to pry them apart.

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  • Once every part of the screen is separated from the back cover, you should be able to fully remove it with your hands.

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Image 1/2: Note: the connection lifts up to remove Image 2/2: Note: the connection lifts up to remove
  • To remove the battery you must use something small, such as tweezers, to disconnect the battery from its port.

  • Note: the connection lifts up to remove

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  • After the battery is disconnected you may use your hands to pull out the battery. It may be a little difficult because there is adhesive on the backside of the battery.

You don't have to, just be careful with battery connector.

Kyoko Hori - Reply

You have to be very careful with the battery connector. On mine, the plug was difficult to remove from the base and I ended up breaking the connections between the base and the circuit board. Maybe use the pry tool to hold the base down while easing out the plug.

Hugh Morrison - Reply

I just did the same thing Hugh...does that mean my tablet is trashed? Can it be repaired?

tlibert -


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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To remove the battery without risk of damage, slide the corner of an old credit card under the battery in the middle at the end opposite the connector, then slide the card down under the battery to seperate the battery from the adhesive underneath. Repeat on the other side.

Hector McGillivray - Reply

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