If your tablet does not turn on (even after being charged) or the battery does not last as long as it used to, the battery may need to be replaced.

This guide demonstrates how to replace the battery in your tablet.

Caution: Some images display the steps using a metal spudger. Use the heavy-duty spudger instead to avoid damaging your circuits.

For more information on connectors, visit this page.

The plastic opening tool may break during this step. You may need to use the heavy duty spudger instead.
  • The plastic opening tool may break during this step. You may need to use the heavy duty spudger instead.

  • Insert the plastic opening tool between the glass screen and the back cover so the curved end of the plastic opening tool is under the glass. Gently pry the back cover away from the glass screen.

  • Be sure to lift the entire display from the body and that you are not are lifting the glass from the display. You will need to reach down a little further for the correct removal.

  • Continue inserting the plastic opening tool around the whole device screen to completely separate the back cover from the glass screen.

Note that the headphone port protrudes into the back cover framing. Hence the rest of the back needs to be unclipped and taken off first.

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Gently lift the screen up with your finger.
  • Gently lift the screen up with your finger.

  • If the screen will not separate from the back cover, try repeating step 1.

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  • Using your fingers, remove the green tape covering the battery connector.

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  • Insert the flat end of the heavy-duty spudger between the wires and underneath the battery connector. Carefully lift the black battery connector up to disconnect it from the motherboard.

    • The metal spudger shown in the photo is not recommended due to the possibility of an electrical short. Use an ESD-safe tool, such as a heavy-duty (nylon) spudger.

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  • Using your fingers, remove the green tape holding the three ribbon cables down.

  • Using the flat end of the heavy-duty spudger, carefully lift the black tab that holds the leftmost, black ribbon cable in place. Repeat this step for the gold ribbon cable and the black ribbon cable.

  • Using your fingers, gently slide each of the three cables straight out of the connectors.

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  • Using a Phillips #000 screwdriver, remove the ten 3mm screws that hold the battery down.

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  • Lift the battery with your hands and remove it from the device.

It would be helpful to advise that the headphone port protrudes and hence the back needs to be taken off with that in mind (ie, the rest of the back first)

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I changed my battery and also the charging port/ribbon cable..... Could someone help me figure out why it still won't show anything on screen or turn on ? It's never been dropped, started having a problem with charging issues so decided it must be battery, port, or charger. So I bought all three and still no change ? help!!

K W - Reply

Sorry I don't have any help for you, but it sounds like I am having the same issue as you. Please let me know if you solve your problem.

mooseintheuk -

Does this really work?

Cristopher Arias - Reply

How to check charging voltage o battery terminal .

naveedstc - Reply

Hello KW

Please go through in service manaula available on net and follow step by step like as

1- if have battery voltage more than 3.7 it meas your battery is OK and then go next step

2- check conenctor FPCB(SLC500) is fixed properly.

3- check voltage on ZD500 volagte when you press the on -off swicth ZD500 Voltage

have to same V_BATT voltage if no then replace power swicth .

4- Please Check U700(PMIC) and Power

on voltage(C760≥1.0V, C758≥

1.1V, C757≥1.0V, C755≥1.0V,

C754≥1.2V, C753≥1.35V,

C752≥2.0V) if volagte is not OK then replace U 7000.

good luck

naveedstc - Reply

I have that tablet for 5 yrs now and it started to give me problems 3 yrs ago and at obe point it went dead… then it cameback but is really slow and it freezes… do battery replacement works??? Tks. Liette

lsaintamand42 - Reply

Do replacement battery work if tablet is 5-6 yrs old???

lsaintamand42 - Reply

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