If the touch screen / digitizer / glass or the LCD display is broken, this manual will show you, how to disassemble the phone and replace the Display Assembly without frame.


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LCD Display + Touch screen (Display Assemblay) for Samsung Galaxy S III mini / i8190.
  • LCD Display + Touch screen (Display Assemblay) for Samsung Galaxy S III mini / i8190.

  • Switch off the phone, remove the battery and any SIM and memory card.

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Remove 10x Phillips screws.
  • Remove 10x Phillips screws.

  • With a plastic tool remove the Middle frame.

Screw size is PH00, and they're all the same size, so don't worry about getting any of them mixed up! :)

Craig Jessup - Reply

  • Disconnect:

    • Menu buttons flex cable

    • Micro SD Card reader flex cable

  • Lift up slightly the mother board from the right edge.

  • Unstick the Earpiece and Main camera from the display frame. Be careful, don't break flex cables.

  • Now disconnect the LCD Display flex cable which is located on the underside of the board.

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  • Front camera

  • Main / Rear camera

  • Earpiece

  • Loudspeaker

  • Vibro motor

  • Micro SD Card reader

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  • Let's test the new spare part.

  • First connect the Display assembly, grab the phone comfortably and then put the battery.

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  • Warm the touchscreen to make adhesive tape soft. You can use a hair dryer.

    • If the glass is cracked, put the tape in order not to scatter pieces.

  • Use the front camera hole to separate the glass at the corner.

  • Continue with separation with plastic tools, from up to down.

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  • Gently separate the menu buttons flex cable from the touchscreen.

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  • If the display is left on the frame, use the same techniques to remove it.

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  • Clean the frame from the remnants of tape and install new.

  • Be careful with the menu buttons and the holes for the camera and the light sensor, don't cover them.

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  • Will be easier if you use adhesive, ready for the model.

  • Install the new display assembly and start with reassembling.

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  • That's all.

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  • Did you do it successfully?

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Followed the VDO exactly and managed to fix the screen. Getting the right glue for the screen delivered took the longest time.

Erick Ogam - Reply

Worked perfectly, used regular glue I had at home and it worked just fine. Thanks!!

Elisa Díaz Ipes - Reply

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