Over time, you may need to replace the battery in your tablet. This guide will show you how to replace your battery.

Make sure the device is powered off before starting repair.
  • Make sure the device is powered off before starting repair.

  • Carefully remove the back cover with the blue opening tool.

  • It is best to start with one corner and work your way around the device slowly.

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You may have a piece of tape covering your strips, make sure to remove them before starting this step.
  • You may have a piece of tape covering your strips, make sure to remove them before starting this step.

  • Flip open the black tabs that are securing the black strips across the battery. This may require the plastic opening tool.

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  • Remove the eight 3mm Phillips #00 screws surrounding the battery.

  • The screws are very small, use a magnetic board to keep track of all loose screws.

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  • Remove the battery connecter by gently pulling up with your finger.

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  • Once the battery is free, gently remove the battery from the device.

  • The battery and the connecters are fragile, so use caution when removing it from the device.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Dearest Tina,

My first project. My first iFIXIT membership. Thank you sincerely. Love my Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 tablet.

Was told to trash it and get a new one. I say bunk to that. Purchased a brand new OEM battery and found you.

I feel so empowered. Thank you so much. For what you do is not just a job. It is a liberation for people like me.

You change lives. Remember that. The instructions are awesome with pictures to boot.

Sincerely Yours,

Christopher George

Christopher George - Reply

Dearest Christopher,

I am so glad you were able to repair your device using the guide! This was for a college course and I didn’t realize how desperate people were for good guides like these until doing this project. I really feel that this project was worth doing because people, like you, don’t want to waste their devices. Being able to fix something yourself is liberating like you said!

Thank you for you comment, felt nice knowing I helped at least one person!


Tina Kong -

where to get Samsung Galaxy 12’’pro battery ?


y1sunny1 - Reply

What a great resource you have. I ran into a disaster. Our Note 12.2 was a replacement for another Samsung tablet that was a lemon. Finally after three attempts to repair the lemon, we asked for our money back. Instead, we were promised a new unit.The new unit, the 12.2 wouldn’t charge and we sent it back. It finally came back great and worked for years but then the battery needed to be replaced. When I opened it up, I tried to disconnect the battery connector from the motherboard jack and the entire assembly came off the motherboard, I realized this a refurb and that the battery connector had been soldered to the motherboard jack and could not be disconnected. So now I have a useless motherboard. Arrgh!!!! Would love to see a Motherboard replacement video.

Doug Marlowe - Reply

Dear Tina, can you help me. I have bought new battery but my tablet didn’t work with it. So I have other than battery problem. The screen is black. Device does not respond. But the back of it is heating up. How do you think why? And what can I do?

lerue - Reply

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