The micro USB port is used to connect the charger. Over time, it can become damaged or worn. This could cause the tablet to have trouble recognizing the charger, which could result in the device having trouble charging. In this case, the micro USB port has to be replaced. This guide shows you how to replace it.

  1. Remove the Samsung S-Pen stylus.
    • Remove the Samsung S-Pen stylus.

    • Remove the micro SD storage card.

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  2. Using the plastic opening tool, start where the S-pen was located and carefully pry up the corner.
    • Using the plastic opening tool, start where the S-pen was located and carefully pry up the corner.

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    • Work your way around the entire device by carefully prying and sliding the plastic opening tool.

    • There are clips approximately 2cm apart. As you are removing the back cover you should hear the clips being dislocated from the tablet.

    Nicht nur die Micro SD Karte… auch die SIM Karte sollte entfernt werden.

    Klaus Hummel - Reply

    • Remove the 8 Phillips#00 3-mm screws holding the battery in place.

    The photo highlighting the screws is incorrect, the highlight in the upper right side is a plastic tab, whereas the actual 8th screw to remove is on the bottom (but that's fairly easy to identify when performing the fix).

    fortyseveneffects - Reply

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    • Lift the top left corner of the battery up by the black tab.

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    • Gently grasp and lift up the white connector located at the bottom right corner of the battery. It is connected to the battery by two blue and two red wires.

    • Do not yank the connector by the wires. If it does not disconnect easily, slide a plastic opening tool between the white connector and the board to lift the connector away from the board.

    the white battery connectory also has 2 black wires, so 2 blue/2red/2black

    suziquirke - Reply

    There is some sort of safe unit in the upper left corner. It is a connector that opens when you lift off the backside. The safe was not in properly fit when I closed the back. In fact, the most difficult step was to get the safe unit properly in place while closing the backside.

    henriknaslund - Reply

    Thanks @henriknaslund for note on the "Safe Unit" I succesfully managed to hold it in pace with a little basic sticky tape. Did the job.

    derek - Reply

    Piece of cake. Entire procedure took just 15 minutes. Thank you, Joel & Co., for making this so easy!

    Flipped Gazelle - Reply

    why is this under galaxy note 8? the note 8 is not a tablet??? Please respond to my comment as I will check back. I need to fix my NOTE 8 POWER BUTTON…does not work properly. Makes a “short” sound…as in electrical.


    Barbara Lamb - Reply

    The Galaxy Note 8 was the designation for the 8 inch WiFi tablet long before Samsung confused everyone with the Note 8 phone. When Im looking for items for the tablet I usually only get things for the phone.

    J E De Armond - Reply

    When the Galaxy Note 8 Battery is replaced is all data, contact info,

    downloads, photos etc lost ??

    Allan PRING-SHAMBLER - Reply

    • Remove the two 4.5-mm Phillips head screws from the micro USB Port using a Phillips #00 screwdriver.

    • Remove the silver 3-mm Phillips head screw from the silver metal strip using a Phillips #00 screwdriver. This strip covers the connection to the mother board and will be removed in a later step.

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    • Gently lift up the gold connector on the left side of the board.

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    • Gently lift up the teal connector on the left side of the board.

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    • Gently pry off the silver plate.

    The silver plate was glued. Quite difficult to remove.

    henriknaslund - Reply

    • Gently lift up the large black connector on the right side of the component. This is the connector that was underneath the silver plate removed in the previous step.

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    • Remove micro USB Port from its housing.

    The silver plate was not included in delivery. I removed it from the original usb port and added it to the new. It was glued onto the board.

    henriknaslund - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Did it, in spite of unable to remove 2 batt screws due to stripping them. I wish there was a guide to prying open the case, it was very scary.

I see you have tools for removing striped 4.5 mm screws!

Jim Welch - Reply

I found this guide extremely useful, although i need a new port i didn't have the time to wait for delivery so i followed the guide hoping if i cleaned the part of any dust etc it might charge again temporarily and it did! It wasn't dusty but i did notice the flat plate inside the port wasn't straight so i wedged a flathead in to level it out. I think that was my problem.

Grateful i haven't had to spend unnecessary fees on repair.

Thank You!!!

Candice Aburrow - Reply

Thanks! The flat plate inside the connector was bent over to one side. I bent it back like you did and now it works fine. I was ready to trash it. Thank you, thank you.

ddolin1 -

Hi! How do you guys know if it's the USB port that's broken, and not the battery? My Tab wont turn on... :(

rdablacksilhouette - Reply

the most difficult, is to open the plastic shell...

Cool tuto !

denisgaume - Reply

Hello, I hope someone can help me. I recently changed the module of charging port of my Note 8.0 and worked. The tablet charges without failures or false contacts, but when disconnecting the charger it stops recognizing it. That is, I connect the charger to the tablet and it works, I disconnect it, then reconnect it and it no longer recognizes it. It only works again if I disconnect the flex with pins of the module of charging port and plug it in again, but it only works once, and I have to repeat the operation if I disconnect the charger.

Any idea how to fix it? Will be some defect of the module? Voltage changes?

Harry A. Moreno Torres - Reply

Thanks again for a well laid out tutorial. I especially like the red doughnut highlights of fasteners.

Take apart some more things and show others how to do it correctly!

Kind regards,


Patrick Hayes - Reply

That is not a Note 8

Ian - Reply

It IS a note 8 which is what Samsung named their Note 8inch tablet when it came out in 2013. What you thought it was is the cell phone note 8? Samsung have a bad habit of using the same names for different products ….. confusing.

Albert Einstein - Reply

I totally agree with you Albert about Samsung reusing the same name for different devices.  Makes it a lot harder than it should be when trying to search for solutions to a device problem and more so when searching for parts.  This is more prevalent when you have an older Note 8.0 tablet and the search results predominantly display Note 8 phone returns.  If I had any hair left I would likely pull it all out.

I appreciate the time taken to create this repair tutorial Joel.  Many thanks!

Joseph King -

These instructions were spot on. However, after the last step, I would include that if the replacement micro USB port does NOT come with the metal shielding (as was the case with a 3rd party distributor), then this needs to be removed from the old port and installed on the new port BEFORE screwing the new one onto the board. When prying off the metal shielding from the old port, do so from the sides and lift up from the port end since it pivots from the back of the port module.

Ken Gaebel - Reply

It went so well the first time I did it on June 19 that I decided to do the other tablet since we have a matching set. Once again, it went well. It took 20 total minutes flat from setting up to cleaning up.

Ken Gaebel - Reply

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