In this replacement guide, you will be tasked with removing the screen. If your screen is cracked, make sure to handle the part with care, as some pieces of glass could fall off. To prevent this, put clear packing tape over the screen to keep it intact. Always remember to remove the battery before you take the camera apart.

Face the  camera towards you.  Then turn it to where the battery door is facing up and on the right side.
  • Face the camera towards you. Then turn it to where the battery door is facing up and on the right side.

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Locate the small latch on the right side of the camera.
  • Locate the small latch on the right side of the camera.

  • Slide the latch to the left to open the battery door.

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  • Locate the battery, a black cell held in by a small clip (indicated by an outfacing arrow).

  • Pull the clip toward you to release the battery.

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  • Take the old battery out and discard accordingly.

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  • To replace the battery, first locate the positive (red) and negative (orange) terminals displayed on the battery.

  • Insert the battery by matching the terminals with the battery compartment in the camera using the small icon to indicate the correct orientation.

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  • After the battery is inserted, close the outer door and slide the latch towards to the right to close the door.

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  • While holding the camera, take note of each screw holding the screen to the main chassis of the camera.

  • Hold the camera upright and lens facing towards you. There area total of six 4mm PH00 screws to undo - two on the left, one screw on the right, and three along the bottom. Two of them are hidden behind the battery compartment door.

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  • Use the screwdriver to remove screws listed in step 2. There are a total of six 4mm screws.

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  • With the screws removed, use the plastic opening tool to gently pry the screen away from the main camera chassis. The ideal spot to start is at the corner with the headphone jack, as indicated in the picture.

  • Once this side is free, gently work your way along the edge, all the way around the camera body.

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  • With the screen freed, gently lay the camera on its face, so that the battery compartment faces up. Use both hands to lift the screen up and away.

  • The screen is still attached to the motherboard by a ribbon cable. Be Gentle as it's very fragile.

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  • With the screen separated from the main chassis, use the plastic opening tool to gently pry the edge of the ribbon cable connector from the motherboard.

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  • Now the screen is removed.

  • Set the body aside in a safe place.

How do you separate the glass from the frame?

iraj mohmadi - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I need to replace the screen and keep the. White around it. How do I do that

nicole deltondo - Reply

You have to use a hair dryer on high on the screen until you can get it loose from the white frame. Carefully pry under the screen with a small screwdriver or a plastic tool to get it loose and then run the plastic tool around the edges until it is loose. It is held in by some type of double sided tape.

clhowey -

after part sales comes only with lcd screen, my question is how do you remove the broken lcd from the housing?

Richard Trinidad - Reply

So what do i use to keep the new one attached?

James - Reply

This is a incomplete guide.

Jasper Walker - Reply

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