This guide demonstrates how to remove the display assembly.

Locate slot on back left side of cover.
  • Locate slot on back left side of cover.

  • Insert thumbnail into slot and lift up.

  • Once that edge is released, gently slide thumb around outer edge of back case and release back cover from connections on the back of the phone.

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Make sure the device is powered down before moving forward.
  • Make sure the device is powered down before moving forward.

  • Since the NFC antenna is glued to the battery, make sure the replacement also includes one.

  • Locate the slot at the base of the battery and insert your thumb.

  • Push slightly toward the battery and out, away from the phone to free the battery.

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  • This step is not needed for replacing the screen. Skip this step if you're only replacing the screen. This step is important for accessing other components.

  • Using the J000 tip of the Phillips screwdriver, remove all 12 3mm screws that surround the back of the phone.

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  • Heat your iOpener in the microwave for 30 seconds.

  • Place the iOpener on the front screen. Move the iOpener so all parts of the screen are heated evenly.

  • After multiple heating cycles and lots of waiting, proceed to next step.

    • Woah woah woah! Not so fast keep heating up that screen. It will make the process a lot easier.

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  • MAKE SURE you have thoroughly heated the adhesive before attempting to pry the screen off.

  • Do not press on the back of the phone while attempting to lift the screen. This will create cracks in the glass.

  • At the bottom of the touch screen, under the menu buttons, there are connections that can be easily broken. When taking the adhesive of the bottom section be very careful and make sure to work slowly.

  • Slide opening pick around perimeter of glass, making sure not to push edge too far under the screen.

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  • Gently pry the screen up and lift off.

  • Make sure to lift the top of the screen only, so you don't break the button connections on the bottom of the phone.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order. Pay attention to the little grid that covers the earpiece speaker. Use the old one if it is not included on your replacement part.

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Do i need an adhesive for the new screen? If so what is a good brand etc for me to order? thank you for the guide broke the first screen when I replaced the usb port for charging after it got wet while charging.

Devon Robicheaux - Reply

Actually just lifting the screen will break the LCD as the LCD is double sided taped to the phone. It needs to be gently lifting the screen and the LCD while heating up the phone and softening the adhesive, doing this while preventing from cutting unnecessary connections. I had my phone sent to Samsung Service Center after breaking the LCD while I left the bottom still sticking. Guess what, the technician cut my "back" button connection, and then told me to change the power module as well(!). Apparently, they did not follow step #9 of Samsung Galaxy Alpha Teardown

thlai80 - Reply

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