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1. How to identify a microswitch failure

2. Safety

3. How to disassemble the dispenser and access the switch

4. How to replace the switch

5. Re-assembly

6. Resetting the power failure code

7. Testing

    • This appliance provides water and ice when a dispenser flap is pressed. This flap activates a small switch, called a "microswitch" to call for water or ice. However, nothing will happen if the refrigerator doors are open. So make sure the doors are firmly closed before you assume the switch has failed.

    • Please: SAFETY FIRST. Don't blow yourself up. You will be working on an appliance powered by the AC mains! Disconnect completely from AC power before and during these repair procedures.

  1. Samsung French Door FRG297HDRS/XAA Ice/Water Dispenser Microswitch Replacement, How to get at the **&^@%$ switch: step 3, image 1 of 1
    • The cretins who sold us this appliance refused to provide access to a service manual, an illustrated parts breakdown, or to offer any tips. Reluctantly I purchased the switch, and then Googled the hell out of it.

    • The black control panel, the water/ice buttons, and the black dispenser port are a complete assembly. There is a single philips head screw holding this assembly in place. Look beneath just next to where the ice comes out and there's the screw. Remove it - don't lose the sucker - it's a special thread! and get ready for the real fun.

    • Grab the black dispenser port with a strong hand and hold the door from opening with another, or your shoulder. Firmly pull the assembly away from the door. It will take a quick, firm pull to do the deed. The assembly is held in place by several plastic lock tabs. These will give way without breaking.

    • BE CAREFUL. There's a short length of connecting cable attaching the panel to the refrigerator door assembly. Don't pull so hard that you destroy the connector.

    • Remove the connector (a single Molex type) from the refrigerator door. It's a latching type, so takes a squeeze to release the latch.

    • Remove the rigid plastic water dispenser hose from the control panel. Note how it's attached.

  2. Samsung French Door FRG297HDRS/XAA Ice/Water Dispenser Microswitch Replacement, Replace the microswitch: step 4, image 1 of 1
    • First, you will remove a whitish (ours was crudded and discoloured) plate which holds the switch in place. This plate is attached by two philips head (NON-STAINLESS) screws.

    • Both of the screws in our unit, in keeping with the planned obsolescence that anything you buy in the US are known for, were both totally rusted. This, after a single year of ownership! One had to be removed with vice grips. The other removed after cutting a notch in the head and unscrewing with a flat blade driver.

    • After removing the cover, note the position of the switch and the two wires with blade connectors. Replace the switch with your new one. Clean the plastic thoroughly... especially the ice port. Ours was filthy (the design sucks, allowing splashing liquids back into the port).

    • I re-assembled and replaced both screws with 4-40x3/8" stainless steel pan head self-tapping screws. They'll never rust, but the same can't be said for the rest of 'em.

    • Attach the Molex connector and the water dispensing hose.

    • Making sure all of the cables won't be crushed or jammed, carefully align the panel with its opening in the door. Use care to make sure the white ring at the base of the ice dispenser will not be in the way as you press the panel back in place.

    • Once the panel is lined up, press it firmly back into the door. Make certain that you do this evenly. A gentle bump of your hand will snap the edges into their locks. Provided you haven't brute-forced the poor thing, it will look like no one ever touched it.

    • You'll see an error code on the display. 1E

    • Samsung could have shown PF (for power failure), but in keeping with a philosophy of obfuscation and keeping service outfits busy (you'll pay someone to "reset" your refrigerator). Here's what to do.

    • Press the ENERGY SAVER and the LIGHTING buttons (not really buttons but touch panels) simultaneously. This will take a large hand (I found it will work also with two hands, but not reliably). Hold this button press for about 10 seconds, or until all the segments on the panel light up. That's your reset sequence. The unit is now ready to test.

    • Try it out.

    • Press the ICE button, put a glass beneath, and press the dispenser flap. The firm "click" sound of the new microswitch will be heard, followed by the hideous grinding of Samsung's cheap ice dispenser motor. Perhaps some ice will drop into your glass. Once, a fly dropped into mine.

    • Congratulations. Add gin and tonic. Have one on me!


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Do you have a part number for the micro switch you replaced? I have found a couple different part numbers, no pictures, your panel you removed looks identical to mine, and was D.O.A. unit, Samsung wants to replace the whole fridge, but because I purchased a floor model at a reduced priced, in order to replace the fridge, I would have to pay the difference in price, to the tune of $600. I figured a micro switch replacement would be 1500 times cheaper to replace, but Samsung says replace the whole fridge. What a waste of money and my time to swap fridges out just for a micro.

cnhproduction - Reply

Samsung DA34-00011A Likely it will work in a wide range of their appliances, but I'd still check that it's the proper part for yours.

Mark Richards - Reply

Very nice article and super helpful. I had to use a different micro switch that came with a stainless steel arm over the switch button. Clipped it off with diagonal cutters and everything works great. Thank you so much for providing this repair guide.

Norman Berry - Reply

Whole assembly part number?

mrrock nobodylostinspace - Reply

Assembly part number? Mine is making and stiff click when I activate the push arm. Not sure the switch will fix this!

mrrock nobodylostinspace - Reply

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