This guide can be use to replace a faulty wifi card or to upgrade the wifi connection bandwidth of a Samsung Chromebook XE550C22

Turn the power off before beginning this step.
  • Turn the power off before beginning this step.

  • Using the spudger, remove the four 1/2 inch skid pads from the back of the laptop.

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Remove the eight 7mm screws using the J0 Screwdriver.
  • Remove the eight 7mm screws using the J0 Screwdriver.

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  • Starting at the center front of the laptop, insert the metal spudger between the keyboard panel and the bottom panel, separating the bottom panel from the laptop.

  • Continue prying around the sides to release more brackets.

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  • After deconnecting all the brackets, pull the back panel away from the laptop.

  • Note: The back panel has some flex to it, don't be afraid to use some force.

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  • Remove the four 3mm screws holding the battery with the J0 screwdriver.

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  • Lift the battery up at an angle to disconnect the battery from the motherboard, then pull it away from the laptop.

  • Do not lift the battery straight up. This will damage the battery's connectors.

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  • Locate the wifi card on the top left of the Chromebook.

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  • Use only plastic tools for this step.

  • Use the spudger to detach the black and white cords from the wifi card.

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  • Remove the 6mm screw from the top right corner of the card using the J0 screwdriver.

  • The wifi card will "pop-up".

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  • Using your hands, gently remove the card up and away from the Chromebook.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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