Replace the right speaker once you've identified that it's not working. The right speaker should be labeled with an "R." Be sure to power off the device before starting anything else. You will need to remove the backplate and battery before replacing the right speaker.

Remove the stylus from the device.
  • Remove the stylus from the device.

  • Place the device screen-up on a hard surface, like a table.

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Insert a plastic pry tool or opening pick between the glass and plastic case.
  • Insert a plastic pry tool or opening pick between the glass and plastic case.

  • Work your way around the plastic edge, unclipping the backplate.

  • Once the clips are loosened, remove the backplate. Some force may be necessary.

  • Though you may need to use force, be careful of the pry tool slipping and hurting you!

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  • Disconnect the three ribbon cables from the motherboard to free the battery.

    • Use your finger to lift the flap securing each ZIF connector.

  • Slide the ribbon cable out and towards you. Now it should be completely detached.

  • Repeat with the other two cables.

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  • Get a firm hold of the power cable as close to the clip as you can.

  • Pull the power cable up and out of the clip.

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  • Remove the six 3.5-mm screws using the Phillips #00 screwdriver.

  • Lift the battery out by hooking your finger under the tab on the top side of the battery and pulling it up and towards you. The battery should come out easily.

Hi Sir, how to change Power IC of this tablet? Samsung ATIV 500t???

Suny Shah - Reply

  • Locate the right speaker.

  • The right speaker is labeled with an "R."

  • Locate the 3.5-mm screws and remove them with the Phillips #00 Screwdriver.

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  • Lift and remove the speaker from the device once the screws have been removed.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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