Use this guide to replace a damaged or malfunctioning video port on the Roku XD 2050X. To complete this guide, you will need to disassemble your device and use a soldering iron to replace the port.


No parts required.

Ensure the Roku XDis unplugged.
  • Ensure the Roku XDis unplugged.

  • Take care when handling components. Circuit boards, soldering points, and other areas may have sharp points.

  • Turn the device upside down.

  • Remove the two rubber pads using a plastic spudger.

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Remove the two Phillips #1 9mm pan-head screws.
  • Remove the two Phillips #1 9mm pan-head screws.

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  • Insert spudger between upper and lower frame underneath the port access.

  • Guide spudger around to loosen upper and lower frame to pry frame apart.

  • Gently remove upper frame.

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  • Remove the two Phillips #1 8mm pan-head screws.

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  • On the side of the board opposite the ports, find and tilt back the tab securing the board in place.

  • Lift the motherboard out of the lower frame.

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  • Desolder the leads for the composite video port that are circled.

  • Remove the video port from the board.

  • For help with soldering view the iFixit soldering guide.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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