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This guide is to show how to open the Ring Doorbell to replace the battery. This is only for the 1st gen ring doorbells as newer versions do not have a battery and require full time power.

  1. Start by removing the 4 screws to take off the aluminum face-plate.
    • Start by removing the 4 screws to take off the aluminum face-plate.

  2. Pry the aluminum face-plate carefully using a plastic spudger while applying gentle pressure. This will reveal the 4 black screws underneath. You will need a micro phillips screwdriver to remove these tiny screws.
    • Pry the aluminum face-plate carefully using a plastic spudger while applying gentle pressure. This will reveal the 4 black screws underneath.

    • You will need a micro phillips screwdriver to remove these tiny screws.

  3. Carefully pry the plastic coverwith a pick to pop the insert out. Watch the micro USB port that is sticking out.
    • Carefully pry the plastic coverwith a pick to pop the insert out. Watch the micro USB port that is sticking out.

  4. Gently pry up the battery from underneath the connector.
    • Gently pry up the battery from underneath the connector.

    • The battery MAY still be attached to the plate.

    I noticed some slight bulging of the battery at the bottom of the unit. Can this happen? It may be due to cold weather, but I noticed that even with an a/c trickle charge, the battery has still been running down too often. We really don’t get very much motion or door rings and have set

    Patrick Canady - Reply

  5. Two Lithium polymer batteries are connected back to back and in parallel to the regulator. The batteries are rated at  9.47w @ 3.75v each.
    • Two Lithium polymer batteries are connected back to back and in parallel to the regulator. The batteries are rated at 9.47w @ 3.75v each.

    Hallo aus München, ich bräuchte auch diese Akku, hattest du schon erfolg beim suchen, wo gibt es ihn zu kaufen Danke Sepp

    Josef Heckmeier - Reply

    Ich benötige ebenfalls diesen Akku und kann Ihn leider nicht finden im Netz. Es wäre schön wenn du eine Lösung hier posten könntest. Im Voraus vielen dank

    P.S. ist eine super Anleitung

    Thomas - Reply

    ja, ohne einen Tip, woher man die Akkus bekommen kann, ist die Anleitung nur gut gemeint. auch wäre die genaue Akkugröße wichtig, wenn man sich den Akku zusammenstellen muss.

    Klaus Juchert - Reply

    Die Akkus gibts anscheinend nur in USA , wenn man „Akku B15169“ googelt. Der Akku hat 3,75 Volt, 5000mAh und 18,75 Wh.. Das mit den 2 Akkus stimmt wohl nicht immer. Das Problem ist, dass der Akku relativ klein ist und um die 45.- Euro kostet plus USA-Porto (nochmal 40.-!) , auch aus China über 40.- Euro bei keiner Sicherheit. Da die 1 Version technisch überholt ist, wird sich diese Investition m.A. kaum lohnen.

    Klaus Juchert - Reply

    Have a look at this site not sure how international it is, but it looks OK for UK use, although I haven’t tried it yet.

    Bernard Cadogan - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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This is one of the few products that it's rarely if ever necessary to replace a battery in, as the warranty will cover a rapidly draining or not-charging battery. I'm glad you didn't tear down your chime, too! ;)

pyrodice - Reply

disagree. my battery went.

ralph -

Where can the battery be purchased?

Mike Menendez - Reply

My ring doorbell is a little over a year old and battery is draining very fast so needs to be replaced. Ring says it is out of warranty and solution is to buy a new ring doorbell for $180. Not a good solution in my opinion. I just spent another $50 for the solar panel option (which is only compatible with the first generation ring doorbell) and this does not help so now I have $230 into this doorbell. If anyone knows where a replacement aftermarket battery can be purchased, I would appreciate this info.

bill hitchcock - Reply

Please see my post below. I believe there is hope brother….

John Sanders -

At ham radio festivals there is a guy they call Mr. NICAD. He builds batteries for people. Just ask him.

wx9dx -

Amazon! They sell the battery plus at least two types of chargers

Jimmie Grimes -

Yeh this is true. The one who ststed its under warranty doesnt get it. Planned obsolesense they alway plan when they want stuff to fail and its always out of warranty. So tear it down and replace it internally. These companies make there money on unskilled and unknowledgable people by telling you yheres is no way to fix it. Anything and everything not software proprietary related can be fixed or changed. Ring is a money gouging company. I changed to HD nightowl.

Rick Mrsafetyman -

mine quit working after a year also i cant believe that dont last longer then a year for the money you spend and they wont send you a replacement you have to spend another 180 dollars

bphighlander -

just replaced mine with this. it looks OEM.

ralph -

On ebay they are selling this:

However, if you have at home a surplus 9V + power supply lying around, wonder if this will work even if the battery is dead?

Please try and report.

Joseph Ki - Reply

Anyone have any luck finding a battery solution? mine died as well.. :(

Andrew Barron - Reply

I bought the Ring battery on Amazon plus 2 different chargers.

Jimmie Grimes -

The problem is that even when wired in, the Ring won’t work correctly without the battery. Mine just crapped out. Charged it inside to full and within a few days it’s dead again, even though it’s wired. I verified the power is still working so it’s definitely the battery. I can’t use live preview, as I’m presented with a message stating it can’t be used when the battery is low. Lame. I will NOT buy another Ring. This is my third failed Ring, three different models.

Todd Beaulieu - Reply

No problems here with the solar charger

Bryan Zowadney -

I’m dealing with a two year old unit that can’t hold a charge…I found this 575166 Lithium polymer battery:

Anyone know if this is the correct one? With two in parallel would assume you would need to wire them into the original connector.

Greg Hackenberg - Reply

My ring doorbell is 18 months old and the battery life only lasts about 6 weeks now. It’s been getting less and less with each charge and we hardly ever use it and motion is turned off! The company will not replace the product since it’s outside of the warranty period. Very bad customer service.

heather watson - Reply

Any luck with the 575166 Lithium polymer battery on Amazon? I am about to buy one and try….

ray.smets - Reply

Here is the dimensions of the 575166 battery: 65 x 50 x 6.5mm / 2.56" x 1.97" x 0.26" (L*W*T) . Would two of them fit into the Ring Doorbell as a replacement for a bad battery?

William Hartzell - Reply

Not tried yet to replace, just opened mine and measured the dimensions of the original battery which is: 51x69x10.6mm

So I guess the two 575166 might work.

The original is marked as: Rechargable Li-ion Polymer, Model Nr B15169 , 3,75V 5000mAh 18.75 Wh

Walter Steinchen - Reply

I found this battery in ebay. Dimension 68 x 50 x 5.0mm.

2 pcs of this battery will nicely fit into Ring doorbell battery compartment.

Seller may able to customize to fix the connector.

Anyone know, what is the type of connector?

I saw in the picture, there are 5 pin, 2 red cables (+) and 2 black cables (-), but what is white cable connected to? Temperature sensor?

alexliu_aungkyaw - Reply

Good News. With the info from Alexliu I ordered 2 x “3.7v 2500mAh 505068 “ off eBay. They arrived in a short time and I pulled apart the door bell to install the new batteries.

The batteries I purchased came with a breakout PCB on the end of them. I left this board on both since it was well attached and moved the PCB from the original battery since it seems to have a few components on it over to the new 2x pack now wired in parallel . Managed to fit it all back with some Kaptop tape to snug up the PCB and the wires. Tricky part is to be careful with that connector.

It’s all working well now.

Mr covert -

Any luck with the replacement battery. Why can't Ring just sell the damm replacement Battery.

Dennis Wong - Reply

I’ve been having similar battery charging problems as everyone above. -> email that battery is almost out*** I went ahead and also bought the solar panels since I was frustrated about troubleshooting the proper power from the regular door bell system. So when I installed the solar panel and it didn’t work I was really upset!!! With the solar panel I noticed that when I plug ring into solar panel and don’t mount it; it charges. However, when I mount it in the solar charger mount something shorts out and it no longer charges….. Fix: sooo put some electrical tape (actual a little thicker tape with backing) on the ring metal connectors and plugged in and started charging off the solar. Mounted it and since it is not shorting out on metal contacts continues to charge. Problem solved and didn’t have to replace the battery!!!!! Happy so far.

John Sanders - Reply

Thanks for your support on this; quite useful. Anyhow, I have a related question: My Ring device is quite far from my wifi router, so I am getting above 70 RSSI (poor signal). I know installing a wifi repeater/amplifier may solve the issue, but was wondering if, considering we can easily open the Ring device, we could solder a thin cable to go out of the box for creating an external antenna. Looks like the thin black cable (you can easily see it at the left on Step 4 picture) is connecting to the device antenna. Any experience/comments/suggestions on this regard?

Hugo Cervantes - Reply

Hi Greg - I searched on 575166-0509 and found this battery… any good?

dionin - Reply

Anyone figure out if the Amazon 575166 lithium will work in the Ring?

Lisa Crispin - Reply

I was wondering if I was losing my mind. Was going to troubleshoot whether there was a problem with my wired power source because the original generation Ring I have continued to die quick deaths requiring a charge inside. Latest time it is dead dead, not just almost dead. Checking in to see if anyone had been able to confirm the numerous options proposed on this thread. Help?

Samson Chiu - Reply

Well further Googling revealed a possible temporary fix for me at least. Short the top row of four contacts (I used a paper clip that just happened to be on my desk at the moment) and woke the device right back up. It's alive again but will probably encounter the same charging issues even though I have my doorbell wired.

Samson Chiu - Reply

I was about to give up until I tried shorting those 4 contacts as you described. Thanks!

james.friess -

my video doorbell is over 1 year old and suddenly won’t take a charge, I’m thinking about a competitor product now

mdtex - Reply


jjcmsc - Reply

It seems like Mr. Covert is the only person in the above thread who’s actually replaced the battery using a known product, which he acquired from ebay based on another member’s suggestion. I might do the same, as my battery is also failing and I made the same error as another respondent who invested in a solar charger for a product that’s really obsolete at this point. I don’t know if I blame Ring for not selling replacement batteries for the thing because it requires disassembly and they have two more evolved versions (though they do still sell the original doorbell), but they really should warn people not to buy the Solar Charger expecting it to solve their problems if the battery is past its prime.

Joe Wiesenfelder - Reply

I was able to replace my battery by getting two of these:

and wiring them to the PCB that is connected to the old batteries. They look similar to ones others have posted from Amazon so those will probably work as well as long as the specs match. I had to de-solder the PCB/regulator off of the old and new batteries and then solder the new batteries to the old PCB. Be careful to match up the + and - on both sides. It was a bit of work, but so far it is working good as new. I would only recommend this replacement to someone with at least basic soldering skills.

holy diver - Reply

I did the same as you — soldered old PCB with new batteries — and it seems to work so far but a bit disappointed still. Charging overnight, the Ring app only shows 92% charged. I put the doorbell back into operation and waited another 20 days before re-charging overnight again — still only 92% charged the next day. Did you have a similar experience with your newly soldered batteries?

LWong -

So I ordered this one as reference above -

I tested the capacity, it was about 1/2 of the printed 2500mAh.

Surprisingly, my ring doorbell’s battery had a whopping 4400mAh when I tested it. I suspect that the battery is still good but an issue with the charging circuit or the transformer that supplies the charging power.

- Peter

Peter Kim - Reply

Does anyone know where to buy a batterypack like the? Mine is nog working anymore. Otherwise i have to buy a new doorbell, which is really expensive.

Rudi Schiphof - Reply

Does anyone know where to buy this batterypack? Or is there a replacement? Or do i have to buy a new doorbell??

Rudi Schiphof - Reply

Check with Mr. Nicad sometimes called The Battery Man at any big Hamradio Festival. He builds what people needs from individual cells. He can also build replacement battery packs for most anything…

wx9dx - Reply

Thank you so much for posting this. I just rejuvenated my Original Ring.

mark greinke - Reply

I located battery on eBay. @ batteryhookup.

Reconditioned, but working better than the one in my ring.

HoWG23 - Reply

I have just purchased the ring video doorbell 2nd generation ,I also purchase a spare battery ,but I can see no way of changing it ? I have looked at the videos on how but I do not have a little screw at the bottom of the bell ,can anyone help with this am I missing a trick here ? Ian

i.g.manbybuilding - Reply

I sincerely believe Ring does not build their own batteries. They must be available somewhere. Ours will not charge, although I have been running the device on 24vac.

Art Weinschenk - Reply

Thank you! I am a 65 yr old female with not much electronic know how but can follow directions and I just successfully replaced the battery in my original Ring video doorbell. It wasn’t rocket science but your directions were excellent and I feel proud to have revived my trusty Ring! Thanks again Greg! I have you bookmarked now for other fixes I think I can do myself - now that I’m all cocky and stuff!

thelilyofthelake - Reply

Where did you purchase the new battery from?

Shelley Banks-Jacobs -

Does anyone know what type of charger it takes to charge this battery. My USB port quit working

Larry - Reply

Try using the new USB-C Chargers. The cable that came with my charger for the Ring Battery had a USB-C cable.

So AUKEY makes a wall plug that works with the USB-C cable.

Jimmie Grimes -

Gracias por la informacion. Y gracias también al sitio IFIXIT y su importante labor.

Aqui agrego a la informacion de este tutorial:


Just order two these

i hope i don’t fry the ring. I’m no electronic expert. $50 isn’t cheap either. But assuming this works out its green to recycle and reuse.

bob - Reply

my ring door bell is over 6 0r 7 years old and needs charged every 2 months. can and how can it be replaced. one of the first made.

Dorothy Johnson - Reply

I bought one on eBay for $19. The battery for Ring Gen 1. But I don’t have the right screwdriver to change it out so I have to order one. There is also a YouTube video showing you how to change it.

datherton1 - Reply

Any one know what size the miniature screws are? I stripped one and would like to have a few extras for the future .

John Robertson - Reply

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