My system had fallen from a shelf and then the front corner were the Antenna sits was damaged. It caused a wire to break at the solder point on the antenna. It caused input lag and you had to be right in-front of the system. Literally direct line of site . The controller would work for a minute then lag out. The X button wouldn't work or anything. How I fixed it could also fix a factory defect if the antenna wasn't put together right.

Using a dental pick or something similar, remove the three stickers on the bottom casing.
  • Using a dental pick or something similar, remove the three stickers on the bottom casing.

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Remove the three black screws in the bottom case using a T9 security torx bit.
  • Remove the three black screws in the bottom case using a T9 security torx bit.

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  • Pull up on one side of the case, then the other then slide the case back. It will then be free from the rest of the console.

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  • Remove the five screws that secure the power supply. There are two PH1 and three T9 torx security screws.

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  • First pull up on one side of the power supply, then pull up on the other side. Gently but firmly wiggle it out.

  • Be careful as you pull up on the power supply as it is still connected with a connector from the motherboard.

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  • The power supply can lifted out and rotated down and set on the workbench.

    • Be very careful not to pull on the power supply as it will still be connected to the motherboard.

  • Use ESD-safe tweezers to carefully disconnect the wi-fi antenna by pulling it straight up.

    • Be be careful not to apply too much force on the WiFi connector as it can break off.

    • Do NOT use pliers as shown in this hastily taken photo.

  • After the WiFi cable is disconnected, de-route the cable from the two clips and under the optical drive cable.

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  • Remove the one torx T9 security screw from the WiFi antenna located at the front of the console.

  • The WiFi Antenna can now be fully removed from the PS4.

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  • As you can see there are 2 solder points . the wire must run through the first point to the second point. But when the system fell it broke that connection and Antenna got bent. If at factory the solder points were not correct it will cause the same lag issue with controller and WiFi.

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  • This is the easy part. Remove the antenna. Move the wire inbetween the two solder points so it is connecting to the second point. Once there take your soldering Iron and heat up the solder and drag it over the wire to make the connection.

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  • Just remember to leave the gap here. Do not bend the antenna to make the points touch your self. The gap that runs through it is there by design and changing that has adverse effects on controller and WiFi . But its that easy. My PS4 now works fine with controller and WiFi . No need for further tear-down and extra parts. Put bottom on. GTGo

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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My console was giving me the same problem aft lots of research i came across ur guide and today i fixed the wifi antenna and its working awesome Thanks alot

Muzaffar - Reply

I've run into a similar problem (PS4 won't recognize controllers) but wifi works fine. Is it possible that bluetooth doesn't work but wifi does?

gustavo - Reply

I replaced my antenna with a new one. But im still experiencing input lag. What else should I do?

angellom90 - Reply

Me too man same problem really wanted it fixed but no luck :(

Ahmd -

I am having the exact same problem as you, if by any chance you are reading this and you fix it after 2 years pls help me

Matias Fernandez -

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for making this with great pictures and everything. This was exactly the fix I needed for my bad reception and disconnection problems. For everyone that will try this. It is very important tho have those spaces in the metal. There are two parts to the cable. The silvery thread like wires,and the solid wire covered by yellowish insulation rubber. The threads needs to be sodered on one side, and the solid wire on he other side/tab. Don not have the soder from either wires touching. Hope this further helps,and thanks again bdcallen69,and two other contributors. You are my heroes today.

Nathaniel - Reply

Thank you all for the comments. Im glad I could help you all out.

bdcallen69 - Reply

I appreciate the point in the right direction, thank you for that. I just stripped about an inch off and tossed the antenna, works great even lose in the system. Went from barely two feet to over 40. Maybe I'll attach it to the antenna and see if distance is increased.

The Mad Hater - Reply

Great guide! You saved my 4day weekend. Kid tripped over Ethernet cable and controller started wiggin' out. Followed the guide and even cleaned my fan, so it was really a blessing in disguise as my console runs quietly like in the before time!!!

Hardest part was getting through Walmart on Black Friday (actually Thanksgiving evening around 6pm... c'mon people) to get a soldering iron. Anyway, was afraid I wouldn't get to raid and help Guardians in Destiny get to the lighthouse by getting rekt in Trials of Osiris! Thanks again!

thunderdon79 - Reply

To be frank I am not particularly clear on this. The reason being is the wire is a Shielded cable.

So, is the Shield soldered on the first piece and the inner wire soldered on the second piece


is the Shield removed and only the inner wire soldered ??

Mark - Reply

Thank You for the awesome fix, first time I did not realize their were 2 wires and of course the fix didn't work. After I realizedthere were 2 wires like a coaxle TV antenna wire the fix worked great! Again Thank You Very Much! Also tried it like someone posted about not using the metal at all just stripped 1" of wire & 1/8" of shielding wire so two wires aaren't touching, this worked also, No Solder Needed! Unbelievable Son & I lived with this nightmare for 3 years, mostly he did. Unit took a fall His Freshman Year at College. I had thought maybe a broken PC board(green board)!

Timothy Oliver - Reply

This guide was a %#*@ lifesaver, if you're having connection problems with your ds4 controller to the ps4 this guide will more than likely solve your problems, in my case it wasn't the solder point, it was the opposite end of the wire that was disconnected from the little round fuse under the power bank, I simply had to attach it on! Thank you to the creator of this guide !!!

OhhMarx _ - Reply

So I did this and now my controller can be used across the room, which is &&^&^$^ awesome. BUT now every few minutes the screen will randomly go black or have white/gray static lines going through the screen for a brief second. Which isn't the worst, but still a bit annoying. Is it possible I did anything wrong, and if so how could I fix it? It's not impossible that it's something unrelated to this guide, like my HDMI cable, or something.

Timithy Smith - Reply

Hi ! I verify thee antena and its fine but my controller disconnects when I plug on headphones! Please HELP! And also disconnects randomly …..what can I do????!!!

dragotasergiu - Reply

My controller sometimes just shuts off and lags if i is connected by usb cable the problems get worst. I just checked my antenna and it looks fine so is there anyone who knows what coulb be wrong and how to fix it? (Iknow my english isn't the best but it's my second language so forgive me for that one)

Matthijs Arends - Reply


I have the same problem my controller randomly shuts off and sometimes lags for like 1 minute and then everything works correctly again. When i connect it by usb cable the lag get's worst. I just checked my antenne which looks fine to me. So if anyone has a clue what's going on please tell me.

Matthijs Arends - Reply

Its probably the bluetooth chip if this fix is not working. I cba to even try this because ill probably have to order a new chip instead.

Gustav Eurenius - Reply

Thanks for the guide.

My controller can't turn on my PS4 but works fine when it is on. Also my PS4 can't find any routers via WiFi.

Would it be the antenna that I need to change?


Marco Polo - Reply

Dude this happened to me hoping i can fix it with this here otherwise the repair people are telling me i need a new ps4 due to my motherboard having problems

Gabriel Rubio -

Just did this and and it worked! I’ve abandoned my PS4 after it fell a year ago because controller would lag, disconnect, give random commands etc. I went to Sony they said they would do it for like 150$ I was like &&^& no and I did it for free now so thanks author.

jalal ali - Reply

THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! IT REALY WORKS!!! After re-soldering my antenna, the controller working perfectly

Hansendt Gaming - Reply

do I need to strip the wire first at all? i just re soldered and it still has a lag issue. is there anywhere in the UK I can order a new antenna from?

:Luka Stavrou - Reply

wondering if this will help my controllers from not working if the light beam is covered up from my legs being crossed. no physical damage has been done to the ps4 but it is an old version. the destiny 1 edition that was just the game and the white console XD. i may have to try this

Krysstofer Pigott - Reply

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