After several years, the clock projector of my RRM320P was missing some segments.

Suspecting that issue could be related to some poor electrical contact I decided to try to repair it

The Problem: here I should read 12:47
  • The Problem: here I should read 12:47

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After removing the 2 screws on the bottom, carefully open the bottom frame, see location of the plastic snaps snaps
  • After removing the 2 screws on the bottom, carefully open the bottom frame, see location of the plastic snaps snaps

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  • Removes the back panel, taking care of the other plastic snaps

  • The projector and its optics is shown in the blue square

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  • cables are tied together with a simple ribbon, in general the inner construction seems very cheap

  • The Projector is made of three parts:

    • A red LED

    • The display with its controller

    • the lens with focus mechanics

  • All parts are kept by tiny screws that you have to remove

  • Take extra caution when handling the display, the flat cable is very weak and can be damaged by improper handling

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  • Carefully remove display from its supporting frame

  • The issue should be ralated to flat cable connecting display to controller

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  • Verify that moving the flat the display returns to work

  • put a stiffner on controller side and close to the display

  • if everything is working, reassemble the clock by doing the steps in reverse order

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  • Problem solved.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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The clock projection displays only partial number is missing. The face on the clock displays perfect. It's just The projection on the wall that's missing a digit

eacoch - Reply

my Peakeep clock keeps the correct time but you can't see the time clearly. It's as if the light is turned off.

serena williams - Reply

Thank you for this post! It was the exact starting point to fix my projection clock which was looking dull and had lost a few segments. While the addition of supporting tape helped for a short period, doing it again in conjunction with Step 6 of the following link ( - Applying heat - to the ribbon contact points was the ticket that restored my projection clock functionality.

Adam - Reply

Hi Adam, glad to helped you

Andrea Gangemi -

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