The original program selector switch 1320671207 is no longer available. But it can be replaced with the program selector switch 1243085402 - but this must be re-labeled with a black Edding. Would be a pity to throw away a whole washing machine, if only a small plastic part is no longer available.



  • First, unscrew the screws at the back of the housing cover with an 8 mm socket wrench.

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  • Secondly, use a small slotted flat-head screwdriver to pry out the two noses from the handle with the bridge (which you touch during operation) at the top and bottom and carefully pull out the part (which you touch during operation).

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  • Now we come to the actual part, the outer labeled part / ring of the program selector switch (labeled from A to N) - this is fastened with a 7 mm nut. Loosen this nut with a 7 mm socket wrench.

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  • Furthermore, the outer part / ring of the program selector switch with 3 lugs (clipped) attached. Also carefully pry these tabs out with a flat-head screwdriver and pull off the labeled (outer part / ring) of the program selector switch (labeled from A to N) to the front.

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  • Now take the new (outer part / ring) of the program selector switch with the Alternative Part No .: 1243085402 and transfer the inscription from the old original (from the removed part) with a thin Fineliner (Edding) and install the whole backwards again. (A is at the top.) 1. clockwise detent! = B; 2. clockwise detent = C, etc.

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  • Should it be necessary to remove the front panel. 1. Disconnect the temperature controller 2. The wash powder drawer kpl. remove (press nose down) 3. unscrew the screws that hide behind the Waschpulverlublade, with a Phillips screwdriver 4. Lever out the lugs left, right and up: remove the panel

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  • Assembly in reverse order

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Repeat the steps in order to reassemble your device.

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