This is a fairly simple repair that most people should be able complete with no problems.

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  1. Unplug PS4 from all cables
    • Unplug PS4 from all cables

    • Remove hard drive cover

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  2. Remove two Torx T8 security screws from top cover.
    • Remove two Torx T8 security screws from top cover.

    • Remove warranty sticker (if it's still there) and remove black screw for the top case using Torx T8 security screw.

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    • Pull up on front right edge of top cover.

    • After right front is loose pull up on left front.

    • Pull top cover back and set aside.

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    • Using a Phillips PH1, remove two APU/heat sink clamp screws.

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    Spread Fixmas Cheer
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    • Start by installing 2 washers under each screw.

    • Install the clamp and screws and tighten screws.

    What size washers

    andre daniels - Reply

    I think any size will work as long as tou can screw the plate back down, and they don't extend past the cover for your PS4

    Blake Hannan -

    • Plug power cord into PS4.

    • Touch copper pad on PS4 to power on.

    • If PS4 powers on and stays on consider it fixed. If not, proceed to next step.

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    • If the PS4 still does not work after adding two washers you will then remove the heat sink clamp and add a third washer under each heat sink clamp screw.

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    • After third washer has been installed and the screws have been tightened touch the power pad on the motherboard.

    • If the PS4 makes no noise and shows no lights then the screws are too tight...loosen screws very slightly (about 1/8 turn) and try to power it on again. Do this until the console powers on.

    • If the console still turns on and back off after these steps have been done then this fix will not work for your PS4.

    I am wondering the significance of this fix. I have watched multiple videos ( at least 20) read guides , etc. nobody explains why this works. Does it have something to do with electricity conducting through this bracket? Sorry I am not much of an electronics guy I just love to learn why things won't work. And am also trying to repair my PS4 as well. This method works sometimes but then sometimes my PS4 fails .

    Blake Hannan - Reply

    • If your PS4 will not turn on (or turns on and right back off) after you have already had it working, try taking the cover back off and tighten the screws on the plate. If the screws are too tight the PS4 will not work at all. Slightly loosen until the system turns on. Be cautious about having the console plugged in. Possible but not recommended.

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    • If you have your whole cover off of your PS4, and it is working properly, be sure to replace the cover. The cover is designed to distribute air from the fan and keep the system cool. It will cause it to turn off on its own if over heated.

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    Swami Ayyappa - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Can't believe it worked! My PS4 has been sitting useless for so long and I felt to good when I did this today and it seemed completely normal again. We'll see if this works out over time or if it starts doing the same thing again. One thing I don't get is why they don't specify the washer size you'll need if you don't want to buy the entire kit, but I guess that's just marketing. Thus, I tore squares of glossy paper (a picture I had laying around) and poked them into the nails instead of washers. Works just as well for me!

Marco Arana - Reply

What size washers are needed for this

Rahan Ullah -

has this fixed your system permanently? did you have any problems since your last post?

tarnold844 -

and it will for a few day/weeks at most then it will fail again

ravendrow -

What did you do to fix it after this failed I am having that problem as well . Is it a power supply issue

Blake Hannan -

it will most likely be an APU chip out of place, if this is so, throw your system away, it is dead permanently

Un chained -

Excellent work from ifixit! The ps4 worked fine again!!

xaris9113 - Reply

Yay! It worked! I was so worried about having to spend the money to have my sons ps4 repaired.. Thank you!!! I did it myself (this mom rocks!)

theresaloftis2 - Reply

Go MOM!!!!!!

TronicsFix -

THANK YOU!! bought a ps4 off kijiji and it had this problem. did as u said, works amazing!! KUDOS!!!!

Costas Chionidis - Reply

What size washer do I need for this?

rjfaure96 - Reply

What's the idea behind this - that the heat sink is not properly seated?

Nat - Reply

The solder joints between the motherboard and APU go bad and this helps to restore the connection in some cases.

TronicsFix -

can they be metal washers or plastic?

ashcody - Reply

It worked for me but I'm wondering how long the fix will last? If I want a reliable system I'm thinking of selling and getting either a slim or pro.

John Puopolo - Reply

Fix worked then same problem occurred again. added third washer but now fan is running full blast and unit seems to not be cooling down. Solutions??

Robert Reynolds - Reply

I get an error message stating that the remote controls needs to be charged. After charging the pedals the same message remains and it won't allow us to control the game. This is both controls.

ronthecollector - Reply

What size are the washers

pizamisa12 - Reply

1mm should do fine. Guess metal over plastic, although the composites don’t deform under heat as you’d think they would…

steve winter - Reply

is this fix permanent or is it used to scrape by until you can afford to a re balling?

tarnold844 - Reply

My PS4 does not have the screws where you put the washers on I have the original PS4 but it does not have the shiny material on the left top of the system I really need a reply I need help badly

Demarko Hill - Reply

Worked I guess the plate can not be touching the metal plate still trying to understand the why behind it got fixed

Omarxito Alonxo - Reply

This is not a repair, it might get the console to work for few days but it is not a real or permanent fix. The actual reason for the problem is one of two things, a bad soldering connection between the APU chip and the motherboard or a bad soldering connection between one or more of the graphics memory chips - 8 to 16 per console depends on the model - and the motherboard, using washers will not fix soldering issues so the problem still there even if the console work temporarily . The actual solution and real repair is Reballing the APU chip to fix the broken soldering connection and if that doesn’t fix the problem then Reballing all graphics memory chips is a must. You need to find a real professional repair company that really do Reballing to fix the console. nothing else will work. Good luck all.

khaled0710 - Reply

Does a power supply has anything to do with a 3 seconds cutoff?. Or this method is worth a try?

Why Blunt - Reply

Grazie mille … avevo un problema di riavvio sulla ps4, ogni volta dovevo staccare la spina due volte prima di riaccenderla. Al riavvio faceva doppio click e poi niente. Ho messo due rondelle come descritto e problema risolto!

Fantastico di nuovo grazie mille!

clads - Reply

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