If you are replacing the power supply unit, that means that the device is not reliably receiving power and therefore is not operating properly. Before you begin this guide, make sure that you have the proper tools (as listed below), some free time, and a clean and clutter-free space to work. When following the steps to this guide, be sure to be gentle when applying pressure to different panels or components as they may bend or break easily. Otherwise, take your time and make sure to read the steps carefully as you work through your power supply replacement!

Remove the side HDD bay cover by sliding the panel towards the back of the device.
  • Remove the side HDD bay cover by sliding the panel towards the back of the device.

  • The bay cover is found on the right side of the device.

Just wanted to add: the HDD bay cover isn't on the right all the time, it varies with each unit. The side without the rubber PS logo is the bay cover.

Yash - Reply

Remove all three black 9.8mm long screws with a T-8 security screwdriver.
  • Remove all three black 9.8mm long screws with a T-8 security screwdriver.

  • Remove the blue 7.9mm long screw with a Phillips #1 screwdriver.

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  • Pull on the tab to remove the HDD.

  • The HDD should be removed and stored carefully to prevent damage to data.

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  • On the bottom of the device, pry out the three rubber feet covers with the metal spudger.

  • Remove the four black 36.3mm long screws underneath with a Phillips #1 screwdriver.

  • One screw is located underneath the warranty sticker. This sticker can either be peeled off or punctured through with a screwdriver.

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  • On the top of the device, unlatch the hook on the furthest right beneath the front panel, lift the panel slightly and apply pressure.

  • Unlatch the second right-side hook by sliding a plastic opening tool in the marked area.

  • Slide the panel to the left to unlatch the rest of the hooks.

  • This is probably the most difficult part of the procedure. If you cannot unlatch the hook on the front panel, you can attempt to pry all the hooks off. However, do this at your own risk, as these hooks break easily.

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  • Remove the back panel by pressing down the tab on the right side of the device, and sliding the panel to the left.

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  • Remove the five silver 20.8mm long screws with a Phillips #1 screwdriver.

  • Remove the two black 9.9mm long screws in the disc reader with a T-8 security screwdriver.

  • Remove the top black plastic shell.

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  • Move the optical drive to the side to reveal one of the silver 8.8mm long screws.

  • Remove the two silver 8.8mm long screws on either side with a Phillips #1 screwdriver.

be careful, the fiber-optic cables come out easily and are a pain to put back in

tucker hartman - Reply

  • Remove the cable from the plug and remove the wires from the two plastic hooks.

  • When removing the cable from the plug, pull on the plastic male connecter, not on the wires.

  • Remove the power supply unit.

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Install the replacement power supply unit. To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Perfect how to guide. Fixed my PS3 easily. Thanks

Andrew Roscoe - Reply

Great guide. However, still no power on PS3. Any suggestions as to what else may be the problem?

Peter Maher - Reply

Peter Maher, I am in the same boat. I have no idea what the problem is. Red light in standby, but as soon as I try to power on, nothing. Same as before I did this power supply replacement. Obviously, something else is the problem. Anyone who has some insight into this please help!

James Neely - Reply

i have the same problem as Peter Maher, the red light is in standby neither turning green on pressing nor it sounds beep on long press. dont know whats wrong. anyone has any solution to this?

Thiemwang Kitnya - Reply

my ps3 red light is not working at all could this be the problem I mean the power supply

Mohammed - Reply

thanks for guide - had a blown power unit and this was a useful guide to getting at it so it could be replaced. I couldn’t see a guide for taking the power unit apart so with nothing to lose I opened that up to see what was going on, and could see the charred remains of what I guess was a capacitor.  New power unit in there now and working great. thanks

Phil March - Reply

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