This guide will demonstrate how to change the battery of a Philips Norelco MultiGroom 3100. Tear down/reassembly requires a plastic spudger and soldering equipment.

  1. Remove the comb from the top of the trimmer.
    • Remove the comb from the top of the trimmer.

  2. Grip the attachment and twist it counterclockwise until you hear a click.
    • Grip the attachment and twist it counterclockwise until you hear a click.

    • Pull the attachment up to remove it from the trimmer.

    • Hold the trimmer upright so it is facing you.

    • Insert the plastic opening tool in the gap at the top of the power button.

    • Apply pressure to pry off the power button.

    • Insert the spudger into the bottom of the gray bezel and begin to gently pry it off.

    • Separate the bezel one clip at a time so that the clips do not break.

    • Insert the spudger in the indicated hole and apply a tilting force to loosen the outer casing.

    • Pull upward on the top of the inner housing to remove it from the outer casing.

    • Grab the upper casing firmly and pull to seperate from lower casing.

    • This will require some force and may separate suddenly.

    • Once upper casing is removed, use plastic spudger and insert into the side tabs to free battery casing.

    • Once tabs are freed, pull battery casing from upper casing.

    • Upper casing will not separate from tab separation alone, removal will still require manipulation by hand.

    • Insert plastic spudger into battery brackets individually. "Wiggle" the bracket out of place

    • Be careful to not bend bracket severely --brackets will need to fit back into place later.

    • Use a soldering gun and apply heat to the battery contact tabs until solder is malleable.

    • Once solder is malleable, carefully insert a plastic spudger beneath the tab and over the battery to pry battery away from the contact tab.

    • Use proper safety equipment when operating a soldering gun, as burns can occur. Gloves and eye protection recommended.

    • Once contact tabs have been removed from the battery, the battery can now be removed by hand or by use of a plastic spudger.

    • Locate new battery and prepare for soldering in next step.

    • Make sure battery is safely secured and re-solder the battery contact tab onto new battery.

    • Check that contact tab is re-soldered onto the original solder.

    • Once solder is dried and cool, toggle the power switch (not the power button) to check that the device is functional.

    • Make sure solder adequately covers the contact tab so the solder will not break in the future

    • Solder with caution. Use gloves and eye protection. Solder contains lead, work in a properly ventilated area.

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Go ahead and upload the picture of the device.

Be sure to submit to iFixit for their comments when done.

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