Ensure to have the required spare parts lying next to you before your start disassembling the device.

You should also have a little bowl ready to set aside screws and other small parts.

  1. Before you start disassembling your device make sure that it is turned off.
    • Before you start disassembling your device make sure that it is turned off.

    • Put on the Anti-Static Wrist Strap and clamp the end of the band to an unpaintet spot of a radiator.

  2. Remove the battery lid
    • Remove the battery lid

    • Remove the battery.

    • The battery lid is designed to function as an instrument for this task.

    • Unscrew the six Torx #4 (5,3 mm) screws from both sides of the device

    • Collect the removed screws in a bowl or something comparable, otherwise they might get lost.

    • Remove the upper ornamental part from the housing.

    • If your fingernails are not long enough you can use a plastic opening tool.

    • When reassembling the device be aware that the six shackles on the sides of the upper ornamental part need to be placed inside the frame.

    • Lift up the housing.

    • The display as well as the speaker are connected to the motherboard. Therefore you need to be careful not to harm those connections.

    • Unlock the connection between display and motherboard by pushing open the brown cleat.

    • It is recommended to use a spudger or a comparable tool for this step.

    • If the connection is not completely open, one of the involved components could easily be harmed.

    • Separate the connection by pulling out the display cable.

    • If the cable does not come out easily, the connection is probably still locked.

    • When reconnecting the display to the motherboard don't forget to lock the connection, otherwise it will eventually come loose and you will have to redo the first eight steps of this guide.

    • Remove the mounting spring from the speaker with a pair of tweezers.

    • If you just want to replace the motherboard, it is recommended to ignore the steps 9 and 10.

    • Take off the safety mat from the speaker.

    • Remove the speaker from the housing.

    • Unscrew the eight Torx #4 (5,0 mm) screws from the motherboard.

    • These two screws connect the motherboard with the sliding cage. In this guide they are removed as well. Hence this is not compulsory you can decide for yourself whether you want to remove them now or later.

    • Push in the SD-Card to eject it.

    • If the memory card remains in its slot you will not be able to remove the motherboard.

    • Abstract the motherboard.

    • Lift up the motherboard as shown in the picture before completely removing it.

    • When inserting the motherboard first put in the side with the speaker jack on it and make sure that the microphone is placed properly under the motherboard.

    • Remove the sliding cage.

    • When reassembling the device please make sure that the spring in the sliding cage is positioned on the bottom side of the device.

    • Unscrew one crossed slot screw PH00 (4,5 mm).

    • Remove the defective BA-Slider and replace it with the new one.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order beginning with step 15.

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