If your machine suddenly turns off while heating up or brewing, one or more bad capacitors are often the cause.

Remove the plastic water tank
  • Remove the plastic water tank

  • Remove the iron sheet and the underlaying black spillover pan

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Turn the machine upsidedown and lose the T10 screw right next to the power cord
  • Turn the machine upsidedown and lose the T10 screw right next to the power cord

  • Lose the four clips on the side. Use a spudger or a flathead screwdriver to gently bend the little plastic clip on the outer side of the rectangular hole inwards. Use your other hand and a spudger or a plastic card to lever off the coverage. Do this with all four holes.

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  • Disconnect all cords from the circuit board besides the two black ones on the right(marked black on the first picture); these are soldered and therefore cannot be disconnected so easily.

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  • Desolder the big yellow 0.68 microf capacitor

  • Solder in the replacement capacitor

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  • Sometimes the two smaller capacitors (0.047 microf) are also damaged. Test the machine after step four, if it doesn't properly work, replace these two as well.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Die zwei kleineren Kondensatoren haben 0,047µF, nicht 0,47µF.

Ansonsten - Gute Anleitung, hab wieder eine funktionierende Kaffeemaschine.

Danke dafür!

Rainer Kraus - Reply

Du hast Recht, danke für den Hinweis

benston -

Smashing, Thank you. My 4yr old Petra was leaking from thé bottom and by removing thé bottom i saw thé filtre was blocked and was able to clear thé crud.

john collins - Reply

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