Panasonic DMC-FZ35 Top Control Panel Replacement


No tools required.


  1. Remove the battery and memory card from the unit.
    • Remove the battery and memory card from the unit.

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  2. Remove  1 screw (0.4mm) from left side of unit
    • Remove 1 screw (0.4mm) from left side of unit

    • Remove 1 screw (0.4mm) from right side of unit near Strap bar.

    • Remove 1 screw (0.6mm) from right side of unit next to usb door

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    • Remove 3 Screws from bottom of unit

      • Remove 2 (0.6mm) screws next to door

      • Remove 1 (0.4mm) screw opposite of door

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    • Raise the Pop-Up flash by pushing the flash button.

    • Remove the screw (0.6mm) from underneath the flash assembly.

    it’s the 0.4mm screw

    Lukas Franko - Reply

    • Please be careful. Do not lift the cover fully because it is still attached to the Main Board via flex cables.

    • Lift the cover slightly as shown in picture # 1

    • Tilt the back cover as shown in picture #2. Be careful because the flex cables are still attached.

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    • Flip up LCD cable clamp with a spudger or other tool.

    • Flip up backlite cable clamp with a spudger or other tool

    • Removal of the mic wire is optional. My suggestion is to leave it attached. The mic can get damaged if you pull on the wire.

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    • Remove the 2 screws (0.4mm) that are holding the mic assembly

    • Next step (shown in picture #2) remove the metal mic hold part.

    • Next step (shown in picture #3) use a spudger to pry off the mic. Careful not to damage the wiring.

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    • Release the hold clips that hold the LCD retainer in place.

    • Remove the LCD metal retainer plate as shown in picture #2

    • Remove the LCD as shown in picture # 3

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    • Swap out your old LCD with the new one.

    • If your backlite is ok you can buy only the LCD Display. But it is easier to purchase the LCD with the backlite attached. Replacement LCD Display VYQ5034

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    • Pull the 3 flex cables out using flat needle nose pliers (it is easier to slide open the black clamps prior to pulling). These are sliding clamps not flip (up) clamps.

    • Pull the single cable from the socket. This is a friction fit socket.

    • Flip up the Cable clamp (picture #2) using a spudger as shown in the previous pages and release the cable.

    • Flip up the Cable Clamp (picture #3) using a spudger and release the cable.

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    • Release the socket. It would be best to use a method that does not require pulling on the wires.

    • One way to release the socket is by carefully inserting a thin wedge between the male and female sockets and carefully pry them apart.

    • If you are using a sharp object be careful around the wires. Any slip can cut the wires. To prevent any ESD damage please do not touch any part of your circuit board with your bare hands or tools. Use nitrile gloves or an esd device.

    • Remove 1 silver screw (0.4mm) next to joy stick.

    • Remove 1 silver blue tip coated (0.4mm) screw bottom left corner.

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    • Remove 2 silver (0.8mm) screws

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    • Open battery compartment

    • Grab battery door and lift up (do not remove yet) the Main Board and Compartment Part

    • Carefully flip over board and pull up so that the flash assembly rises along with the main board from the camera body. Remove entire assembly from the camera body.

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    • Release the two cables from the main board.

    • Used spudger to flip up cable clamp and remove flex cable

    • Release the two hold clips and remove battery compartment

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    • Swap out your old Board

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    • Pull out Top control panel from camera body

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Is it possible to remove the Top control panel without removing the main PCB ?

Matthew Johnston - Reply

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