My nephew brought me his PSP after watering it.

I found the PSP was working exept the LCD backlight.

So I disassambled the device and searched for water marks. I found the marks directly on the LED driver circuit. After cleaning and checking the 0.5A fuse (was OK) I dicided to find out the chip. It took me some time to find the correct chip. It was a TB62752AFUG LED driver. It's a step up converter with current output. It can deliver up to 40V.

Because I cound not find out, which device was broken, I ordert all part (exept the resistors) reworked them.

After reassabling the whole device, the backlight was working fine again and my nephew was happy.

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  • this picture was made after cleaning

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Image 1/2: 1 - TB62752AFUG Image 2/2: 2 - Inductor 22µH/0.66A
  • it took me some time to find the right chip:

    • 1 - TB62752AFUG

    • 2 - Inductor 22µH/0.66A

    • 3 - MSS1P4-M3/89A

    • 4 - 2.2µF / 6,3V

    • 5 - Fuse 0.5A 0603

    • 6 - 1.0µF / 50V

    • 7 - Ferrite bead 30Ohm/3A

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