How to replace faulty heating coils.

  1. Firmly grip your hand around the slot lever.
    • Firmly grip your hand around the slot lever.

  2. Stabilize the toaster by placing your hand on top.
    • Stabilize the toaster by placing your hand on top.

    • Forcefully pull the slot lever away from the toaster by keeping parallel to the table.

    • Both slot levers can be removed.

    • Place the toaster upside down so the bottom is facing the ceiling.

    • Take off both rubber feet using a small metal spudger.

    • Wedge a spudger under the feet and pull up to pop off.

    • Use a PH#2 screw bit to remove eight 12mm screws that are located around the perimeter.

    • There are two screws under the rubber feet.

    • Place the toaster right side up.

    • Grab the outer shell firmly and pull up towards the face of the toaster.

    • For this part, you might need to wiggle the toaster to get the outer shell off.

    • The shell will not completely come off until the motherboard is removed in the next step.

    • Use a J1 screw bit to unscrew eight 8mm screws from the motherboard.

    • Take out the grey “cancel” and “bagel” buttons from the shell.

    • Once the outer shell is removed, rotate toaster so the back is facing you.

    • Use flat head tweezers and plastic opening tool to remove the top metal panel by prying the metal tabs upwards so they are able to slide through the openings and pull upwards.

    • There is a total of 8 tabs, 4 on each side.

    • Once top metal panel is unhooked. Lift and let hang off the side of the toaster.

    • Turn the toaster so that the faulty wire side is facing you.

    • Position the top 5 metal tabs to fit through slots .

    • Position the 4 side tabs to fit thought the slots.

    • Pull the metal sheet away from the toaster to expose the heating board.

    • Position the 4 metals tabs on the heating board. Found at the top right and bottom left.

    • At the bottom of the heating board, there are 2 tabs holding it to the rest of the toaster, pull those 2 tabs upwards to release heating board from the toaster.

    • There should now be 2 wires connected to the heating board that would need to be de-soldered to disconnect.

    • You can replace the wires on the heating board or if your wires are damaged or disconnect, solder together to fix


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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