The battery of the OnePlus X is located behind the glass rear panel. Use this guide to remove the battery and disconnect it from the motherboard.

Power off the device with the Power Button, located on the right hand side of the phone (smaller button).
  • Power off the device with the Power Button, located on the right hand side of the phone (smaller button).

  • Hold the button down for a few seconds, until the option "Power Off" appears.

  • Tap "Power Off" on the screen to power down the phone.

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Insert a SIM card removal tool into the small hole on the top right corner of the phone, above the volume buttons.
  • Insert a SIM card removal tool into the small hole on the top right corner of the phone, above the volume buttons.

    • If you do not have the original packaging or a SIM card removal tool, use a straightened paperclip.

  • Push the tool into the hole. The tray should pop out.

  • Remove the tray from the phone.

There is absolutely no reason to remove the sim tray, we're not removing the motherboard.

Dennis Meerveld - Reply

  • Put on heat-resistant gloves and place the phone on a surface that will not catch fire or melt.

  • Using a heat gun, slowly and evenly heat the edges of the rear panel.

  • Do not linger too long on one spot. The heat gun can damage the device if left on one section for a long period of time.

  • While heating the rear panel, use a Jimmy to test if the adhesive is soft enough to allow the panel to separate from the device.

  • Carefully detach the rear panel, using opening picks to hold the panel apart from the device.

  • Once most of the edges are separated from the device, attach a suction cup to the panel.

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  • Press the suction cup to the rear panel to secure it.

  • With the help of the suction cup, pull up on the panel to completely detach it from the device.

  • Use the suction cup to safely remove the panel from the device. As you work around the panel's edges, the lingering heat may cause the remaining adhesive to reattach the panel to the device.

It can't be stressed enough to do this very carefully. I did it very carefully, but not carefully enough. Cracked a corner. Also not just the edges, there's extra adhesive on the lower 2-3 cm's of the back.

Another remark, get in between the black bezel and the back cover, this is a bit unclear on the first picture. Same goes for the front, get in between the bezel and the front assembly.

Dennis Meerveld - Reply

  • Using a PH000 screwdriver, remove the following seven screws:

    • Four (longer) Phillips 000 screws

    • Three shorter Phillips 000 screws

  • Once all of the screws are removed, proceed to using a plastic spudger to pry the metal cover off.

  • There are two clips near the bottom, right above that battery, so start by prying on the bottom edge of the plate.

What size of screw goes where?

Will - Reply

Check Orange circles are the smaller screws (3 out of 7 are smaller than the other 4).

Dennis Meerveld - Reply

  • Once the metal cover is removed, locate the battery connector wire, which clips into the motherboard.

  • Using a plastic spudger, gently pry on the clip to release it.

  • This will cut power to the phone, and prevent any power running to any of the components which is important while working on the phone.

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  • On the battery, locate a clear tab. This will be used to pull the battery out.

  • Firmly grasp the clear tab and pull up and away from the phone.

  • Take your time on this, as you do not want to apply to much force and damage the battery.

  • There is an adhesive underneath the battery so it might be useful to utilize the black plastic spudger to get between the battery and the phone to remove the adhesive.

  • Continue to pull the battery until it is completely free from the phone.

Strictly speaking, you don't need to remove the battery at all. The connector to the front assembly is underneath the speaker assembly.

Dennis Meerveld - Reply

If your order the complete part you need to remove it.

The battery is glued in very well and it bends pretty easy. It is wise to order a new battery aswell.

Chris S. - Reply

I agree it's nearly impossible to remove the battery without damaging it. Even a tiny little bending can lower the capacity. And if you heat it up too much to soften the glue it can explode. Also never use metal tools on the battery in case u break through the protection foil it won't catch fire.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Thanks! This is cool! I didn't know I can replace my OnePlus X's battery :)

Antonius Harijanto - Reply

how to stick back panel to the device again?

Sarthak Ahir - Reply

Double sided adhesive

Maxime LUCAS -

Does someone know a good vendor for a new Battery for the OPX that sells in europ? I also want to change the battery after 2 1/2 years.

Thanks in advance =)

Det Maat - Reply

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