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OnePlus 5T Charging Port Replacement

What you need

Video Instructions


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Thanks a lot for the guide! This was my first time taking apart a phone and while it wasn’t as easy as it looked, it wasn’t all too bad either and I’m super happy that I’ve done it! :D

I’ve made the mistake to buy only one plastic spudger because it looked pretty easy in the video but it got used up for me quickly so, for anyone else who is thinking about doing this without much experience, you will want a couple of those just to be safe.

Luckily I’ve had some guitar picks laying around which were able to do the job fairly well too but they didn’t quite get under the screen like the spudger did at first.

Balazs Both - Reply

for me the bottom screws where not a T2 torx for me, I bought multiple ones from ifixit but they don't fit. will try to buy an T1 torx screw driver if i can find one. thanks for the nice repair guide though.

Jason Mensingh - Reply

I cracked the screen as i tried to open the phone, even carefully :/ The thing is that i removed only the screen and not the total part of the phone from the cover :/

Vivien Meublat - Reply

thanks a lot for the tutorial. Worked as a charm for me. Had to start from the side to open it, then down to the charging port and to the other side.

use philips 00 & torx 2.

Przemek Grela - Reply

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MolliePaxton - Reply

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