Before you replace your screen you will need to take out the battery.

  1. Make sure that your phone is turned off before proceeding
    • Make sure that your phone is turned off before proceeding

    • Use an opening pick, your thumbnail, or a spudger to gently pry off the external casing

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  2. Locate the SIM card tray on the back of the phone
    • Locate the SIM card tray on the back of the phone

    • Use your thumb to gently slide out the tray

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    • Remove the SIM card tray

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    • Find and carefully remove all 6 rubber screw covers with the tweezers.

    • Unscrew all 18 screws from the mid frame.

    Be carefull the rubber screw covers bounce away and you won't find them.

    Max K - Reply

    • Carefully pry up the mid frame from the back of the phone with the plastic opening tools.

    • Slowly work your way around the phone releasing all the clips that hold the frame in place.

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    • Using the spudger tool, pry the battery up from the adhesive.

    • Once the battery is loose from the adhesive holding it down, use the spudger tool to pry up the connection from the battery to the phone on the top right hand side.

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    • Use the spudger tool to pry up the top connection of the charging port.

    • Follow the cable with the spudger and slowly pry it up from the adhesive holding it down.

    • Stop at the next connection.

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    • Again, using the spudger tool, pry up the final 4 connections on the charging port

    • Again, just like before, slowly follow the cable with the spudger tool lifting it up from the adhesive backing.

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    • Using the spudger tool on the bottom of the phone, push the charging part inward.

    • Once the charging port is free from the frame, use your fingers to remove the charging port the rest of the way.

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    • Locate two connections at the bottom of the phone.

    • Using a spudger, carefully bend the connections up and towards the top of the phone.

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    • Locate connection left of the rear facing camera.

      • If black tape covers the connector, use tweezers to carefully peel it back.

    • Using a spudger, carefully pry the connector out and bend it towards the bottom of the phone.

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    • Flip your phone so that the screen is facing up

    • Place a warm iOpener on the screen to heat up the adhesive holding the screen in place

    • Leave on for one minute

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    • Use a pick to carefully separate the screen and the rest of the phone.

    • Make sure to go around every edge and corner.

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    • Slowly separate the screen from the rest of the phone.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Screen is available on internet but without frame and buttons. I bought one of those so the only pb i had was to separate capacitive buttons and fingerprint scanner from the screen. i had to separate the black plastic frame from the screen too. It takes me around 2 hours to do it but now my OP2 works with a brand new screen. Changing screen on OnePlus2 is doable and cost around 100€ but you have to be careful and patient.

cperverie - Reply

Is the screen working properly??

Jagadeesh Sp -

It's the glue on the back of the screen or on the frame? Do you need to apply new glue?

krugern -

Hi, can you recommend the place where you bought your screen?

Tamara Diez -

You need glue when installing a new digitizer?

Steven - Reply

yes but I cant figure out where to buy it

Seth King -

What type of glue do you use to put the assembly (glass + digitizer) back into the frame? thanks

Jorge - Reply

What kind or brand of glue???

nick - Reply

yeah what kind of glue or something do i use? I was thinking of getting the 3m Scotch Core XQ 3mm version. Would that work?

Xander Gerreman -

I am facing the same issue.. Does someone have a clue on getting the digitizer on the screen again ?

Maxime Lahache - Reply

I replace the display but now I can't configure the fingerprint scanner. What can I do?

americopmsequeira - Reply

I used adhesive strips from here: It worked well following these steps and the additional steps here:

absynce - Reply

Why do you have to remove the charging port? There seems to be no problem replacing the screen, without removing the charging port first...?

vkaerbye - Reply

Yeah completly pointless

Lauri Janhunen -

I used double sidded 3M Scotch Tape and its working fine. But its very important that you reattach the Captontape of the Homebutton and Flexcables in the right Position. Because those Cables have some groundingpoints on their backside. If those groundingpoints have contact with your LCD-Backplate the touch is not working properly.

timkrzyzanowski - Reply

Where can I buy a OnePlus 2 a2005 screen

Alex Makarenko - Reply

Where can I possibly buy a screen frame thing?? Can anyone please help me.

Alex Makarenko - Reply

I too need it .. Plz hlep

Kiran -

Just did the replacement yesterday.

The steps are accurate until the last step, where you'll have to move the buttons from your old screen on the new one. (or carefully buy a screen with button integrated?)

In my case buttons where glued. I had to take them appart, and glue it on the new screen.

I bought the screen on along with replacement tools. 28$ with shipping cost.

I have used a double face scotch to assemble together the screen with frame, but I'm still looking for a better solution there.

Jerome - Reply

Hi! Everything in the tutorial was right. Now I have a problem, I just tear apart the tape of the power button connector. Any idea on how can I link there 2 gain?

Tamara Diez - Reply

Hello all,

I've just gone through and repaired my little brother's oneplus two. We had a difficult time getting everything replaced and working at the same time. A simple screen replacement turned into a misbehaving charge port, then a malfunctioning home button. I ordered replacements for the malfunctioning parts assuming I had just damaged them. I also played around with grounding tape.


- Home button acts without prompt.

- Charge Port refuses activity.


There are a lot of screws on the back of this device. There was one specific screw that was causing us trouble. Directly over the charge port there is a cluster of three screws. The middle screw of that cluster should not be tightened too tightly. Something inside the device happens with grounding, contact, or perhaps just pressure. The charge port stops working like clockwork when it's tightened too tight.

Hope this helps some friends.

Be safe and use plastic on batteries!


I just did this job last night. As previously stated there were two steps missing.

1 - The new screen needs to be somehow glued to the phone as it requires adhesive. I used small amounts of CA glue around the outside edge

2 - The buttons & ribbon cable need to be transferred from the old screen to the new one

I noticed the lights on my buttons no longer work but the buttons still work so meh. Also I used a heat gun to heat up the phone before glass removal.

Make sure you use safety glasses when removing the glass. If you pry too hard it can shatter and spray shards of broken glass up towards you.

Mike Stelzer - Reply

The comment of Mike Stelzer is very good, his advice helped me a lot.

I used this double face band to glue the display: Rayher Hobby 30069000

Hexa Dezimalion - Reply

As with others, there were extra steps involved to transfer the touch buttons, fingerprint reader and a couple of sticky labels that were covering unused contacts on the top ribbon on the screen. It is tricky to separate the connectors of the touch buttons and the fingerprint reader since they cross over. There are circles on the screen that you need to align with holes in the backing of the touch buttons.

Paul Wright - Reply

Some additional steps missing, such as:

- Wear vinyl (or any other non-conductive material) gloves when working on and around the electronic parts

- Clean any electronic parts you touched with isopropyl alcohol-impregnated Q-tip

- Separate the old screen from the screen frame, as the phone has 3 layers => main frame / screen frame / screen (itself, as you buy it)

- Carefully port fingerprints sensor and buttons from the old screen to the new one

- Make sure you put some non-conductive tape on the new screen at the places where there was non-conductive tape on the old screen

- Rid the screen frame of the old screen (this might take a while if your old screen is shattered, you’ll have to remove all shards, along with the original adhesive that held it onto the frame)

- Clear the main and screen frames from the original adhesive

- Put new adhesive (electronic glue or double-layered tape) on the frames at strategic places

Aside from that, very clear guide.

Took me ~4h to complete at a careful steady pace.


Thibault Tordeurs - Reply

I failed to pry the battery loose. Can I use heat to soften the glue?

ub ingelsson - Reply

use a creditcard sized card to pry in from the bottom. the lift a little with card and push under the battery with that card

Lauri Janhunen -

Thank you all for the instructions. Esspacially to Paul Wringt and Thibault Tordeurs who described the missing steps. Following these addiotional steps avoids tons of issiues. such as grounding problems. I’d like to add general advices:

- take your time for preparing the new screen. Carefully look at details on the old screen and copy them to the new one.

- remove all original adhesive and replace ist with new one. I used double-layered tape 2mm (

It took me 4-5 hour but it’s totally worth it.

Hans Handyuser - Reply

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