The Micro USB Port is for charging your tablet. If damage had ever occurred to it, you may find it loose, or not holding your charging cable.

  1. Starting at the Micro SD Card Slot and using the blue plastic opening tool, begin to maneuver the tool around the edges while applying light pressure to lift the panel upwards.
    • Starting at the Micro SD Card Slot and using the blue plastic opening tool, begin to maneuver the tool around the edges while applying light pressure to lift the panel upwards.

  2. There are clips holding the back panel to the rest of the case. You must apply some force to lift the back panel off.
    • There are clips holding the back panel to the rest of the case. You must apply some force to lift the back panel off.

    • Continue lifting up the panel all the way around the edges of the tablet.

    • Once all of the panel clips are unfastened, gently remove the back panel.

    • The battery is heavily glued down so you will need to apply force while also exercising caution to not damage the rest of the device.

    • Using the blue plastic opening tool, place the lip of the tool underneath the battery as seen in the photo.

    • Once you have the blue plastic opening tool underneath the battery, work the tool around the edges of the battery similar to the technique used for the back panel.

    • When the battery seems loose enough, use the blue plastic opening tool to lift the battery from the device.

    • The battery has four wires connecting it to the device. Be careful not to damage these wires while removing the battery.

    • The wires to the battery are soldered to the motherboard. You may also check the soldering techniques guide for additional tips on soldering.

    • If your device's wiring doesn't exactly match these photos, snap a picture or make a note of what color wire goes to which contact on the motherboard before you detach them. (A mis-wired battery could cause electrical shorts and ruin the tablet for good.)

    • Using a soldering iron, desolder the four wires from the motherboard.

    • Once the wires are free from the motherboard, your battery should be free to remove from your device.

    • Use the angled tweezers to disconnect the black power cable from the mother board. The Cable should pop up from its slot when pulled.

    • Make sure you disconnect the right cables. There are three of these.

    • Remove the screw adjacent to the WIFI Antenna using the J000 Philips head screw-driver.

    • Screw description: short black screw 20 mm length and 30 mm diameter.

    • Using the angled tweezers, begin removing the antenna from the device.

    • The black plastic piece of the antenna is attached to a copper colored film which can be pulled up using the tweezers.

    • The antenna should now be free from the device.

    • Be careful when removing the two pieces of tape because there are wires underneath the tape. Lifting too hard may accidentally rip out the wires.

    • While using the black plastic spudger tool, slowly lift the tape with your fingers and hold the wires down with the tool.

    • The audio input film is running underneath the foam piece and is fragile Be careful when removing this piece.

    • Slowly lift the black foam piece near the WIFI antenna to reveal the audio input film.

    • It is not necessary to remove the foam piece from the device entirely, just as long as you're able to free the audio input film without resistance.

    • Carefully remove the audio input films for each speaker from their respective ZIF (zero insertion force) connectors. These are the paper thin ribbons that have orange stripes along them.

    • Pull up the white latch on the ZIF connector, which will release the film and allow you to pull it out with tweezers.

    • Repeat this for both speakers.

    • Remove the power cables connecting the speakers to the battery. These are black wires with gold tips.

    • Again, use the tweezers to carefully pull them up from their places, they should pop right off.

    • There are three of these black wires in total, but only two belong to the speakers. follow the paths of the wires to make sure they are connected to a speaker.

    • Free the speakers by removing their screws. You'll need the J000 Phillips-head screw Driver.

    • Each screw is roughly 30 mm in length and 30 mm in diameter.

    • Using the tweezers or your fingers lift the remaining black wires from the motherboard.

    • Remove the remaining screws holding the motherboard in place.

    • Screws description: 5 short black screw 20mm length and 30mm diameter.

    • Screws description: 3 long black screw 40 mm length and 20 mm diameter.

    • Using your fingers, grasp the brown ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) tab and pull outward to disconnect.

    • There is an orange chip that is connected to a white ZIF (Zero Insertion Force). Remove this by using either your fingers or the tweezers.

    • Using your tweezers, lightly lift around the edges to lift the motherboard.

    • When lifting the motherboard around the edge near the rear facing camera, there is a copper cable that is connected underneath the motherboard.

    • Before lifting the motherboard out, use your tweezers to disconnect rear camera's copper cable from the motherboard.

    • Use a soldering iron to desolder the Micro USB Port from the motherboard.

    • Now the Micro USB Port is free from the motherboard.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Where I can find a micro UBS port for Nvidia shield tablet ?

bryandu13eme - Reply

Micro usb -B, Amazon.

Gigas Light -

it's a standard form factor, just check ebay

Daniel Monaghan - Reply

my charging port is damaged,solder a new one or get a replacement board

Mr.lilnug - Reply

It might be cheaper to solder a new one. I would compare prices, and decide if the price is worth soldering. If you want experience in soldering, go the solder route. Refining this skill will help later if you need to solder anything else.

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