The fan can become warped or broken which can lead to overheating and noise. This is how to replace this main fan.

Turn blender upside down
  • Turn blender upside down

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Remove these six screws (0.5 inch 5 gauge phillip's head)
  • Remove these six screws (0.5 inch 5 gauge phillip's head)

    • Note: 2 of the screws will be star shaped circled in blue

  • Lift the bottom panel off

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  • Unscrew and remove these six phillip's screws. (0.5 inch 5 gauge phillips)

    • Note: The screws circled in blue are 1/8" longer and have a slightly different top than the rest. These are the only two screws that are different than the rest.

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  • Insert pry tool in between the two plastic pieces to separate them

  • Move pry tool back and forth from right to left until the two pieces begin to separate as shown.

  • Pry the two pieces apart with your hands as shown in the picture to finish separating the pieces.

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  • This completes the disassembly of the main body of the blender so you can continue to perform replacements on the internal parts.

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  • Remove this hex nut with the adjustable wrench.

    • Be sure to hold the fan still GENTLY while unscrewing the nut so the bolt does not spin with the nut.

      • Fan may be a little sharp

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  • Grab the washer with pliers and twist/pull it off of the threaded rod.

    • The washer is not threaded but has rubbery glue holding it to the threaded rod. This is why unscrewing as well as pulling is necessary.

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  • Grab the fan gently and pull it off

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order along with the body disassembly guide.


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