If you have problems with the OS, forgotten screen lock or you want to erase all your personal data, you can do Factory / Hard Reset.

Nokia Lumia - Icon, 520, 525, 530, 620, 625, 630, 635, 720, 730, 820, 830, 920, 925, 928, 930, 1020, 1320, 1520,

Microsoft Lumia - 430, 435, 532, 535, 540, 550, 640, 950, 1030,

HTC Windows Phone - 8S, 8X

Video Overview

  1. Turn off the phone.
    • Turn off the phone.

    • Press and hold the Volume Down and the Power buttons.

    • When you feel a vibration, release only the Power button,

      • or,

    • press and hold the Volume down button and connect the charger.

    • You will see an exclamation mark.

    Dont get exclimation point only nokia label looping

    aleximarymurphy - Reply

    The Gear start turning and then just stop screen goes black then goes back to lock screen

    Phillip Mason - Reply

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  3. Press the keys in this order:
    • Press the keys in this order:

      • Volume Up

      • Volume Down

      • Power

      • Volume Down

    • The phone will reset and restart. This may take a few minutes.

    • .

    • Did you do it successfully?

    This does work.

    sherriewatkins12 - Reply

    Worked perfectly. Thanks so much!

    kellykent - Reply

    It worked. Thanks!

    Jose Martin Rosario - Reply

    It doesn't work for mine.

    Sibusiso Dangazela - Reply

    I try to press but com out the Goodbye not the watermark please help me how can I fixed my Nokia phone

    Renansa - Reply worked

    Dennis Bonnah - Reply

    Thanks. Perfectly well!! God Bless.

    tobertmuhairwe - Reply

    Thanks. Perfectly well. God bless.

    tobertmuhairwe - Reply

    Thanks. Perfectly well!! God Bless.

    tobertmuhairwe - Reply

    Can't work on lumia 625

    Palmer Delroy - Reply

    Worked for me too but took a little longer than I expected

    Ian Ingleby - Reply

    Thanks alot

    It has worked out successfully

    Lapolo Joseph Ochora - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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dint work still asking for password to unlock the phone

Shonna Milam - Reply

Thanks It worked

Dragon Slayer - Reply

It worked....yay

sherriewatkins12 - Reply

It was excellent but I lost all my files so how do I retrieve my file back

Klutse Godson - Reply

Worked great!

Dottie R. D. - Reply

It worked perfectly great thanks a lot I'm glad it helped me out

Victor Mobidyke - Reply

Het werkte prima, dankjewel voor deze gouden tip!

Nirana - Reply

did not work asking reset protection key microsoft lumia640

shafeeksona - Reply

my phone hard reaset after restarting ask reset protection key

shafeeksona - Reply

Phone doesn’t work even after a hard reset. It goes to Nokia logo, Windows logo & then to a grey screen and thats as far as l get. Any help?

Jonathan - Reply

How to set to my website?

Ruth Korth - Reply

Thank You Sir Great

muhammadrafique100 - Reply

did not work for my nokia carl zeiss tessar 2.2 28

nikolai1978 - Reply

how can i get past reset protection code if i dont know it stuck after reset

mr. peabody - Reply

Still did not work

Melissa Alardin - Reply

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