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  1. Turn the phone off.
    • Turn the phone off.

    • Press and hold the power button. When the phone vibrates, release it and press and hold the volume down button until you see the exclamation mark on the screen.

    • Another way to do this - press and hold the volume down button and connect the charger.

    • Whit the exclamation mark on the screen press this sequence of keys:

    • -> Volume Up

    • -> Volume Down

    • -> Power button

    • -> Volume Down

    Mine won't go to ! It keeps rebooting to Nokia

    Trillix Wolfie - Reply

    My phone ignores the sequence. It was set up as a child phone, and there’s no “reset phone” button in the about menu. It in fact doesn’t even have the about menu. And trying to reset it using buttons, I get exclamation mark, and once I push the Volume Up button, it starts to boot normally and ignores the rest.

    Sergey Kofanov - Reply

    THanks its a useful ways it works on my phone…nice one

    Abasi Kadewele - Reply

    thank you it worked on my phone!!! I’m very glad! Thank you again!

    szabo_istvan78 - Reply

    When I turn on my Lumia 635, it displays "Nokia" and goes off then comes on again and only display Nokia. After resetting it, it continues the same

    Frank Inyiama - Reply

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Hey, I have done it on the computer, reload the windows but still I get the exclamanition, also the battery is death right now and I don't know how its gonna charge?

remzicanakile - Reply

Phone get rain water, I want to mention it.It opens dont problenm but that sign (!) gonna drive me mad!!

remzicanakile - Reply

Will this delete contact numbers

suryansh - Reply

Yes if you have the numbers stored somewhere not on the phone then you just have to re add them

Abigail Hard -

will my number still be there and is the phone still active, Do I need to have it reactivated??

or should i take out the sim card first??

robcamp1963 - Reply

Now would I bypass a reset protection notification

STUDENT James Chapman - Reply

its work tnk u... : )

chandanso37 - Reply

It worked for me....thanks a whole happy

Christian smart -

Its very Useful... Thank you.... -:)

Madhu K - Reply

It didn't work now I have a sad face on the screen and phone won't cut on

Monicia - Reply

It does not work!!

Katie Frisby - Reply

me too it does not work! and why ?

queeniebautista - Reply

It works.. Thanksss... :)

syedhuzaifa96 - Reply

Thanks a million. It worked and a huge problem solved. Thanks again.

Ibrahim Nisar - Reply

When I turn on my Lumia 630, it displays "Nokia" and goes off then comes on again and only display Nokia....will this method bring it back to normal?

Christian smart - Reply

Mine is the same too. I don't know what to do

Frank Inyiama -

It worked... thanks a bunch

Christian smart - Reply

It's not working, I repeated the process multiple times and I keep getting the same outcome, it just goes to the Nokia screen, and boots up the same

Anthony Martin - Reply

I have done it but still facing the same problem. The problem is that my sister has given me Nokia Lumia 635 and it is having a problem of ‘This device is locked to a specific mobile operator. Contact your mobile operator for the unlock code.

Beal Geesus - Reply

This method always had worked for me.

Manheche Baptista - Reply

This method always really worked for me.

Manheche Baptista - Reply

thank you very much. the method is really superb

sssebyongaabdulnoor - Reply

Not work for me. Hardware reset done. anyway thanks for the details.

Pabodha Lankathilaka - Reply

Wow its working

Kenyi paul - Reply

There is a sad face and the phone won't start

Henry Ncube - Reply

Phone shows a sad face and will not open

Henry Ncube - Reply

It work… Tnx

Arashk Fathi - Reply

Thank you very much!

Too young Too simple - Reply

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