Nokia Lumia 530 - RM-1017, RM-1019

How to disassemble / take apart the phone and change broken Display or Touch screen Glass Digitizer.

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  1. Turn off the phone.
    • Turn off the phone.

    • Remove the battery and any installed SIM and memory cards. There are two tapes screws:

      • 4x Torx T6

      • 5x Torx T5

    • Remove the middle bezel.

    • Earpiece

    • Earpiece Flex Cable

    • Loudspeaker / Ringer

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  2. Disconnect the touch screen & display flex cable.
    • Disconnect the touch screen & display flex cable.

    • Remove the main board.

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    • If the glass is broken, put some scotch tape to prevent it breake to pieces.

    • Use a hot air to make adhesive tape more soften.

    • For this operation you can use a hairdryer.

    • Use a cutter and make small room to insert a plastic pick.

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    • Continue with the separation by using a plastic tools.

    • If necessary, use the hot air again

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    • Unstuck the Touch screen flex cable from the display.

    • If you have a broken glass, you can cut the touch screen flex cable, otherwise unsolder it careful like in the next step.

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    • The display edges are glued to the glass with adhesive tape.

    • Use only thin plastic tools for the separation.

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    • Remove the blue sticker.

    • With a soldering iron, remove the touch screen flex cable and install the new one.

    • Put back the blue sticker.

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    • If the spare part is without tape, install a new one.

    • Carefully put the display in place, then install the glass.

    • Start with reassembling.

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    • That's all.

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    • .

    • .

    • .

    • .

    • Did you do it successfully?

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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What did you apply in the first frame of step 7? 4:15 in the video.

Paul Reich - Reply

soldering flux

ZFix -

Thanks for confirming

Paul Reich -

I didn't end up doing it correctly - it didn't work.

I think the mistake I made was not heating the old flex cable off the connector. I didn't follow instructions correctly and I pulled it off. I was able to heat the leftover connectors off but after soldering the new flex onto the board and sealing up it didnt work - screen still unresponsive :-(

It was my first attempt at replacing a screen (and I don't have any experience) so I'm not too bummed.

I just ordered a complete LCD and digitizer instead :-)

Paul Reich - Reply

Failed miserably... Soldering iron not adapted. Might want to emphasise that is critical. At least I tried...

ricochapuis - Reply

I think there is more to soldering on the connector. Before I started, I had a broken screen which was still working in the top half. After replacing the screen, now it doesn't work at all. I suspect the soldering on and off of the little connector on the screen is not as easy as suggested by many how-to videos. I see no way to make sure each finger of the connector is isolated from the next one. How do you make sure old solder is not shorting out some terminals? This part needs more explanation I think.

egaragesales - Reply

I succesfully replaced the digitizer thanks to your instructions. The hard part is the soldering of the new part to one of the phone boards. Try to do it right the first time because although the plastic is quite heat-tolerant, the more attempts at soldering you make, the less the plastic is usable and will hold the copper tracks. I suggest using a magnifying glass, a toothpick (to hold the tracks in contact after applying heat). Go slowly, only take care of one track at a time and all should be well. One problem I had is that the screen would stay white sometimes, so I guess my attempt is not 100% successful. However, I don't see happen now so I'm okay.

speedsterh - Reply

Thanks, I could follow your steps and do it myself. The guide is perfect!

PD: I noticed that the screws are T6 and T4 (instead of T5)

Gonzalo del Moral - Reply

Where did the new screen come from? Or where do you get a new screen at?

Sha Henry - Reply

i just bought the lcd , digitizer and frame for £10.  it took 5 minutes to unscrew the motherboard, swap the ear speaker and re assemble. Its not worth doing the soldering, just buy the frame.

Simon Bailey - Reply

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