How to disassemble the phone and change broken digitizer glass, LCD display, earpiece, loudspeaker, etc.

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  1. Switch off the phone and remove any SIM and memory card.
    • Switch off the phone and remove any SIM and memory card.

    • There are two tips T4 screws.

  2. Use a plastic tool to separate the back case.
    • Use a plastic tool to separate the back case.

    • Loudspeaker / Ringer

    • Disconnect the Touchscreen and the LCD display flex cables.

    • The logic board is held by tho locking clips. Use plastic tools to remove it.

    • Light proximity sensor

    • Earpiece

    • Audio jack connector

    • Again use a plastic tool to separate the middle frame and the digitizer frame.

    • This step is for those who wants to change the LCD display.

    • Use a sharp object to pick up a little the display.

    • Then with a spudger or a similar tool separate the display from the frame.

    • Put some transparent tape on the broken glass.

    • Use hot air to warm and soften the old adhesive tape.

    • Start the separating from the middle, where the contact area is small.

    • Clean the frame

    • Clean the frame from the adhesive tape remnants and install a new one if your replacement part has come without adhesive tape.

    • Install the new touch screen and start with reassembling.

    • That's all.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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