The 3DS charging port is soldered to the motherboard. To remove it, click here and follow this guide to remove the motherboard, and then use your soldering skills to remove and replace the charging port.

Note: steps 7-8 are for replacing the charging port piece with one from another 3DS system. You can order a new piece from amazon and just use it instead.

The guide you are currently viewing has been archived until the procedure can be updated. Following this guide may damage your device.

  1. Take out the 4 screws on the back of the system using a Phillips #00 Screwdriver.
    • Take out the 4 screws on the back of the system using a Phillips #00 Screwdriver.

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  2. Remove the back cover
    • Remove the back cover

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    • Before proceeding, make sure you have removed the battery.

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    • You will see small black screws in nine different holes. make sure you use the right screwdriver and remove them. Also remove the one silver screw that holds the game cartridge slot.

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    • After you have unscrewed all of the screws. Carefully remove the back with a spudger.

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    • After you pull it open, you will see the motherboard. Locate the charging port. It should look like this.

    You could highlight the charger chip on the motherboard so people will find it much more quickly.

    Trylk248 - Reply

    • Using a soldering iron, desolder the old charging port.

    Here a video would be very useful. :)

    Trylk248 - Reply

    • If you got a charger port for a 3DS, you can skip this step. From another 3DS, desolder the charger port.

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    • Solder the new charging port to the motherboard.

    Do you need to add extra little pins before solding the new charging port into place,or is that optional

    acspeegle - Reply

    The pins that connect the charger to the motherboard? Those are part of the charger, and their tips line up with the points on the motherboard.

    Timothy Phillips -


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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you solder with everything connected to the mobo??

jrsalinas85 - Reply

Everything but the battery. I actually took mine out of the case before doing anything. But I kept it connected to the screen. I would not do this without a very fine soldering gun.

Timothy Phillips -

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