This guide will show how to remove the power module from the coffee machine.

  1. Face the machine bottom towards you.
    • Face the machine bottom towards you.

  2. Unscrew six 0.6cm  screws by holding the bottom board with Torx #10 screwdriver to remove the board.
    • Unscrew six 0.6cm screws by holding the bottom board with Torx #10 screwdriver to remove the board.

    • Unscrew one 0.6 cm screw with J1 screwdriver to remove the board.

    • With moderate force remove and place the "plastic opening tool" between the divide in order to remove the bottom board.

    • Remove the bottom board with moderate force.

    • Unscrew eight 0.6cm sized screws with Phillips #1 screwdriver, holding the silver secures on the sides of the heated plate.

    • Four screws on each side, two silver secures to remove the securers, located on the sliver bar holding the heated plate (one on each end).

    • Unscrew two 0.6cm sized screws Phillips #1 screwdriver.

    • The silver bar will fall off once screws are removed.

    • Remove the heated plate from the machine with easy glide.

    • Remove the nine 0.5cm screws with Phillips #2 screwdriver.

    • Some screws are harder to see due to how deep the holes are.

    • Recommend using Extender 4 with Phillips #2 screwdriver to help unscrew the screws within the deep holes of the machine.

    • Remove the two 0.6cm with Phillips #2 screwdriver.

    • Detach various colored cords from one another, using both hands to place thumb and index finger to hold each grip then separate by pulling with the degree of force.

    • There with be 1 blue, 1 black, 1 red and 2 white.

    • Remove the black board by maneuvering it through the cords.

    • Grip the bottom end of the panel and pull it towards you to remove the module from the machine.

    • Remove the three 0.6cm screws with Phillips #1 screwdriver.

    • They are in the black holes, 1 at the top and two at the bottom.

    • Remove the black board attached to the module.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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