In this guide you will learn how to properly remove the flash capacitor allowing for an easy replacement.

  1. First, power off the device.
    • First, power off the device.

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  2. Set the camera so that it is sitting on its side.
    • Set the camera so that it is sitting on its side.

    • Open the battery compartment door by sliding the release button towards the lens.

    • This will cause the door to "pop" open slightly

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    • Now lift open the battery compartment door.

    • Push the yellow tab lock towards the center to release the battery.

    • This will cause the battery to jump up as there is a spring at the bottom.

    • Pull straight out, slowly on the battery.

    • Make sure you pay attention to which way the battery goes .

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    • After removal of the battery. Pull the battery compartment door away from the lens.

    • There are eleven Philips head screws that hold the bottom cover on, including a few inside the battery compartment.

    • Remove all the screws and the bottom face should pop off easily.

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    • Then next step is removing the seven Philips #00 screws that hold the rear face plate on.

    • There are screws hidden in three separate spots.

    • One is under the rubber doors on the left side of the camera. the next one at the eye hole.

    • The final one involves taking off the small dial that is about half an inch to the right of the eye hole.

    • Removing this dial involves putting a spungder tool behind it and applying a gradual amount of pressure.

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    • The rear face plate will include the LCD display it separates from the body of the camera with a small tug.

    • Do not pull to hard otherwise you risk breaking the ribbon wire that connects the controls and the screen.

    • Once there is enough space it will be possible to gently pull the ribbon cable out of their ports.

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    • The next piece to come off is the front plate and the red grip.

    • The front plate is held on by 2 Philips #00 screws on the front and two more beneath the flash bulb.

    • Remove the two Phillips #00 screws holding on the grip and it slides off easily.

    • After removing the screws the face plate comes off by pulling it straight off to avoid damage.

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    • It is now possible to remove the last three Philips #00 screws that are hidden under the memory card slot door.

    • The screws come out and the cover comes straight off.

    • The last cover plate is the top. The top is held on by two screws located just beneath the rim of the cover.

    • The top should be pulled off very slowly. There are several electronic components that connect between the body and the top.

    • There are three wires that need to be disconnected.

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    • The flash capacitor will be to the right of the lens on the front of the camera.

    • There is only one connection that the flash capacitor makes but this was detached earlier.

    • The pictures shown for the flash capacitor removal is from a complete tear down.

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    • If your flash capacitor looks damaged you can create a discharge tool with this guide. Constructing a Capacitor Discharge Tool

    • Then use the plastic opening tool to pry from underneath the capacitor from top to bottom in order to remove it.

    • Please note that there is glue holding the capacitor to the frame so it will need some coaxing to get it off.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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