Step by step disassembly and Replace Nikon S3500 Lens part

  1. Make sure to remove the battery - memory card - strap from the unit.
    • Make sure to remove the battery - memory card - strap from the unit.

    • Remove 2 (4mm) screws from the bottom of the camera.

    • Remove 2 (4mm) screws from the bottom side of the camera.

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  2. Remove 2 (4mm) screws from the right side of the camera.
    • Remove 2 (4mm) screws from the right side of the camera.

    • Remove 2 (4mm) screws from the left side of the camera.

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    • Use a spudger or other plastic tool and carefully work your way around the seam and carefully Pry off the rear case.

    • Carefull not to loose the A/V Out cover. Remove it and set it aside.

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    • Shock Hazard! Do not touch anywhere along the top panel. Capacitor will still hold a residual charge that will shock you if touched. It is best to discharge the capacitor using the two metal solder joints on the top panel in front of the black tape

    • Remove 1 (3mm) screw from the right side of unit.

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    Spread the Fixmas cheer.


    Spread the Fixmas cheer.

    • Release Flex Cable from socket. Remove carefully. Just pull it out using tweezers or similar tool.

    • Slide the Rear Buttons ASSY to the right and them remove it

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    • Release the cable clamp using a spudger or similar tool.. or just use your fingernail. Be careful because the clamp breaks easily. Another way to release the cable is to just pull the LCD cable out carefully... this will automatically release the clamp without the risk of damaging the clamp

    • If you decide to pull the cable out make sure you hold the flex cable tightly and pull horizontal to its installed position away from the clamp. Do not hold the LCD!!! Hold only the flex cable and hold it tight.

    • Example photos of open and closed ziff socket clamps

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    • Remove the LCD and Install the replacement Screen. Reverse the instructions to Assemble the unit

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    • Remove 1 (3mm) screw and 2 screws to left.

    • Release the ground tape from the rear metal plate

    • Release the 3 notches from their grooves and remove the rear metal plate.

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    • Release the flex clamps on the board. These clamps are very fragile so please be careful when flipping them up. Use of a spudger is a great help. Notice the two clamps are not in the same direction.

    • Use caution when flipping up the clamps. Use equal pressure throughout the clamp to prevent it from breaking.

    • Example of Clamp in Closed Position

    • Example of Clamp in Open Position

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    • Remove your old lens and install the new lens. Follow steps in reverse to assemble unit.

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    • If you are using the original sensor, remove the three screws and carefully lift the sensor out.

    • Extremely important is to install this foam and glass piece. I've learned this the hard way that your photos will look all red without this piece of color corrected glass...

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Thanks so much for this tutorial.

I was able to swap out the old lens in about an hour.

Although it was tricky getting some of the cables in and out, everything seems to function properly with the new lens installed.

$16 repair, love it!

Todd Austin - Reply

I had to pull it apart again because I failed to see there was a tinted lens that goes between the lens and sensor. Luckily it was still sitting in the original lens. Without this glass everything looks really red through the camera. Camera seems to be perfect now.

Todd Austin -

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