This guide will take you very little time to accomplish. The part is easy to get off and you will need very little tools to do so.

  1. Flip the camera over and push the tab on the battery cover to open the battery compartment.
    • Flip the camera over and push the tab on the battery cover to open the battery compartment.

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  2. Push the little yellow tab to allow the battery to slide out.
    • Push the little yellow tab to allow the battery to slide out.

    • With the tab pushed out, pull the battery out.

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    • Extend the LCD screen out and turn the camera upside down to get access to the screws on the bottom.

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    • Take the four 4mm PH00 Phillips screws out.

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    • Use a plastic opening tool to trace around the screen to pop the front and back section apart.

    i would not rate this as easy, you need patience and a steady hand for the replacing of the ribbion cable, it will test your patience and don’t for get to take the protective film on the replacement lens the i didn’t and had to take it apart again

    terry welles - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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hello :)

my lsd works , but the flat cable what goes into the body has a little damage , so the screen is black with only little shine on it ! i do think it is the cable , but dont know how to fix it :(

who could help PLEASE .............

the problem is , where the flat screen cable goes into the body of the camera .

emilioalfarez72 - Reply

Where is the rest of the guide? Once the parts are separated, as shown, the next part is separating the replaceable items. Key to that is releasing the ribbon cable of the old screen fron it's socket. How?

The replacement screen had a metal back similar to the existing part. However, the existing part has a flexible circuit "board" glued to the back. This board has an attached ribbon that goes to the camera and has the female ribbon connector for the new part. The replacement part looks like it assumes the small circuit board can be removed from the old part and gluedto the back of the new part. If so what kind of glue would work?

Otherwise, it appears that both the old frame for the screen has to be disassembled (difficult) and the new part would have to be disassembled in order to complete the proper connections from new screen to camera.

In either case, it's unclear how to insert the ribbon cable from the new part into the female socket on the small circuit board.

Fixit instructions are incomplete

planetchet - Reply

This guide got me started and I was able to complete the replacement of the old screen.

1. gently pull the cable of the old screen from the female part.

2. Remove the frame that holds the screen. There are some notches in the frame that need a screendriver inserted GENTLY to pry it apart.

3. Place the new screen inside the frame (taking care that the black part of the screen faces out) and gently snap the frame so the screen fits snugly inside the frame.

4. Insert the male part of the screen into the female part. This is really tricky, but there are plastic nobs on either side of the male part. Use a plastic tool (I used a metal screwdriver and was very careful not to damage the nobs) to push the male part into the female part ALL THE WAY. It requires a steady hand and patience. If the male part is not pushed in far enough, the screen will just be gray without an image.

5. Reassemble.

I was SO happy when it worked for me! I had bought the replacement screen for only $8 (including shipping from China, via eBay).

Larry Kies - Reply

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